How to Logout From Facebook Messenger on Android


Are you an Android user and Facebook addict as well? If you are, then you might not be happy with Facebook’s decision to make it mandatory for Android users to have Facebook’s latest messenger app installed on your device to send and receive messages. Do you have a choice? Unfortunately, you don’t as it’s mandatory for any Facebook user on Android.

Although, the latest version of messenger did bring few new features to older version of Facebook messenger, but it gained negative publicity for its permission related issues. However, one of the not so wanted features in facebook’s latest messenger app is its always logged in feature. Again, here also, you don’t have any choice and because of this you won’t be able to logout from Facebook Messenger as  the latest version doesn’t have any inbuilt logout option.

However, we have a simple work around, which will allow you to Logout from Facebook Messenger on Android phone. There are two ways, by which you can log out from Facebook messenger on Android Phone. Here is how to do it.

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How to Logout from Facebook Messenger

Before you proceed, navigate to recent apps and clear Facebook messenger app. Once done, follow below steps to proceed.

Step 1: Now Go to Settings on your phone.

Step 2: Tap on Applications Manager.

Step 3: Under Applications Manager, find Facebook messenger.

Step 4: Tap on Messenger App and on the app info screen, tap on Clear data.

Step 5: Tap on Ok to confirm your decision to clear app data from Facebook Messenger.

Step 6: Well, that’s it! You have successfully logged out from Facebook messenger.

Now, you can login to your other or same Facebook account any time. Although, this work around may not be as easy as clicking on logout button on the previous version off the app. However, you could use it until Facebook brings back log out option.

Alternatively, you can side load older version of Facebook app on your Android device and use it instead of latest version of Facebook Messenger app. The older version includes Logout option in the app options.


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