How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Opera Browser


Opera web browser is the most popular web browser in smartphones, but when it comes to PC Chrome and Firefox takes the cake. To keep up with the competition, Opera shifted to Webkit for web page rendering, but now most of the Opera extensions have compatibility issues. However, you can be sure that Opera will release compatible extension for its latest Opera release, but in the main time if you wish to use extensions compatible with chrome then this article will show you how to install Google Chrome extensions on Opera browser.

For this, you need to enable an addon on your opera web browser called Download Chrome Extension. It allows you to install chrome extensions for Chrome web store to Opera web browser. Once installed, all you have to do is browser chrome store. find any extension you want to add to opera and install it.

How to Install Google Chrome Extensions in Opera

Note: Few Google Chrome dependent extensions may not work on Opera web browser.
Note: To Install Download Chrome Extension addon your Opera, you should have latest version of Opera browser installed.

 Step 1: Open Opera browser on your PC.

Step 2: Visit Opera store to add (Download Chrome Extension) Addon to opera browser.

Step 3: Install it by Clicking on Add.

Step 4: Wait until Download Chrome Extension is installed.

Step 5: Now visit Chrome Web store on your Opera browser.

Step 6: Now find and click on any extension you want to install on Opera.

Step 7: On the extension page, Click on Add.

Step 8: Now you will see checking message.

Step 9:  You will see a message “The extension was disabled because it is from an unknown source. Go to the Extensions Manager to Enable it.” Click on Go button to proceed with installation.


Step 10: In Extensions window, click on Install button to install Chrome Extension in Opera browser.

Alternatively, once you click on Add button from Chrome store you can directly open Extension window in Opera browser (press Control + Shift + E to open extension window). From extension window you can find and install added Chrome extensions.



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