How to Convert SlideShare Presentations Into Animated GIFs


Do you want to change slideshare presentation in to GIF? Say hi to GIFDeck! GIFDeck is a new web tool helping you to convert your SlideShare presentation into animated GIFs easily with a click.

GIFDeck wants you to provide slideshare presentation URL and the web tool will fetch the images from provided URL to create single GIF from the slides. The created GIF will auto-play and auto-loop. This article will show you how to convert SlideShare presentation into GIFs using GIFDeck.

Convert SlideShare Presentation as Animated GIF

Step 1: Go to / Visit GIFDeck website here (

Step 2: Copy your slideshare presentation URL.

Step 3: Paste it into “Paste SlideShare URL here” address bar.

Step 4: Click on Submit button to initialize the process.

Step 5: Wait until GIFDeck creates your presentation’s GIF. You can view the progress status below submit button.

Step 6: Once your presentation is created, you can see the preview in the same window.

Step 7: To download, click on Save button and your GIF file will be downloaded to your PC’s hard drive.

By default, GIFDeck will create GIF files of 10 slides or images with interval of 800  milliseconds and size has been set to Medium. However, if you want to create bigger GIF files with more slides then you can change no of Slide by clicking on Gear icon (settings) and change slide to more than 10. Change interval value to your preferred values and size to small or large.

Now you have SlideShare presentation in the form GIF file, you can use it on your PC or Laptop to show presentation. If you have blog on Tumblr then also you can use this GIF file in any of your post with auto-loop and auto-play.

For more productivity, you can use this GIF files in your Emails. Gmail by default supports GIL files hence your files will be automatically played in the email. If you are a Twitter user, then you can upload GIF file to your profile and interact with your followers.


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