How to Find Drivers for Unknown Device in Windows Easily


Have you ever seen unknown device message in the Windows device manager? This message pops up when Windows fails to install appropriate drivers for your newly installed hardware. In today’s guide we will be showing how to find drivers for unknown device in Windows PC.

Whenever, Windows fails to install drivers from a new hardware it automatically checks for the available drivers on the web by identifying the unknown device, but sometimes it fails to find the appropriate driver automatically . Almost, every device comes with a drivers CD that can be used to install required drivers for your hardware on your PC.

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However, in case if you don’t have required drivers with you and your PC is showing unknown device message then here we have two methods by which you can find and download drivers from the web.

How to Find Drivers for Unknown Device

Method 1: Find Drivers using Device ID

This is one of the easiest ways to find drivers for unknown device. All you have to do is find your unknown device ID from the device manager and search for the drivers using the device ID. Here is how to do the same in a step by step guide.

Step 1: Click on Start.

Step 2: Right click on Computer (my computer)and then select Properties.


Step 3: Select Device Manager from the left side.


Step 4: Now you can see unknown device or devices without appropriate drivers marked in yellow exclamation mark.

Step 5: Right click on any unknown device and select Properties.


Step 6: Now click on Details tab.

Step 7: See if property is selected as Hardware ID, else click on property drop down list and select Hardware Ids.

Step 8: Now right-click on the first ID under value and select copy.


Step 9: Open any search engine on your browser (Google or Bing recommended).

Step 10: Paste the copied device id and search for the driver.

Step 11: Now you should find download link for your unknown device driver. Download the required driver and there you go. Your unknown device message has disappeared from the device manager.

Method 2: Find Drivers using Device Model Number

The fastest way to find drivers for your newly installed hardware is to search for the drivers using your device’s model number. Open any search engine on your browser and search for drivers with your device’s model number. Most of the time, you will find the official website of device manufacturer and you can download required drivers from the website.


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