How to Connect Your Mac to Another Mac Desktop


Unlike Windows, Mac comes with inbuilt screen sharing feature, which allows you to easily connect your Mac to another Mac Desktop remotely. Although, there are several third party screen sharing tool are available, but why go anywhere else when you can find it on your Mac itself. In this article, we will learn to connect Apple Mac to another Mac to control the screen remotely.

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How to Connect Mac to Another Mac Using Screen Sharing

The first step is to turn on-screen sharing on your Mac desktop (the desktop, which you wish to control). To do this, follow these steps.

  • Go to System Preference by click on System Preference icon in the Dock. You can also get to System Preference by selecting it from the Apple Menu.
  • Under System Preference window click on Sharing.
  • Check/tick Screen Sharing Device.
  • Next, click Computer Setting and in Settings check “VNC viewers may control screen with password”.
  • Enter your password (write down this password, as you need it to connect your desktop to another Mac).
  • Click OK to save the settings.
  • Now select which users are allowed to access your Mac remotely. Select “All users” or “Only These users”. If you select “Only these users”, you have to add trusted users by clicking on (+) sign.

Now you have configured Mac to allow screen sharing, follow these steps to connect your Mac to another Mac.

Step 1: Find IP address of your Mac computer (the Mac you wish to control). You can find IP address of your Mac by visiting this site

Step 2: Copy and save your Mac’s IP Address.

Step 3: Now open Finder on your Mac (from which you wish to control).

Step 4: Click on Connect to Server from the Finder’s Go Menu.

Step 5: A Connect to server window will appear.

Step 6: In Server Address enter “vnc://copiedIPaddress” and click on Connect.

Example: If your Mac IP address was 123.46.876.109 then you have to enter like this: vnc:// 123.46.876.109 and click on Connect.

Step 7: Now you will be prompted to enter username and password. Enter username and password and you are done.

Now that you have gained access to your Mac desktop by connecting to it, now you can view and edit files, folders and access applications in real-time. The screen sharing tool on Mac can come in handy at times when you want to help someone with their problem on their Mac. Just connect your Mac with their Mac and you can help them from anywhere.


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