How to Turn Off Narrator When Windows Phone is Locked


Want to know how to turn off narrator when Windows Phone is locked or want to unlock windows Phone when narrator is turned on? Here is a guide on how to Unlock Windows Phone when narrator is turned on.

Narrator on Windows Phone or Nokia Lumia smartphone is a quiet handy feature for those people who have trouble reading to use a Windows Phone. However, this handy feature can be frustrating when you will not be able to unlock your Windows Phone lockscreen. Because Narrator will read what’s on screen, thus you won’t be able to flick lockscreen to unlock your device.

The only method to solve this problem is to turn off narrator on your Windows Phone smartphone. Since you can’t unlock lockscreen of your device, you can’t go to settings and then turn it off. However,  you can use physical key combination to turn off narrator. Follow these steps to know how to do it.

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How to Turn Off Narrator on Windows Phone When Locked

Step 1: Press and hold volume up (+) key.

Step 2: While holding it, tap on Start/Windows Phone button.

Step 3: If done correctly, Narrator on your Windows Phone will turn off.

Step 4: Once turned off, you can go ahead and unlock your device.

How to Turn On Narrator on Windows Phone

Now if you want to turn on narrator then you can do it by going in to settings. Follow these steps for the same.

Step 1:  Go to App list and tap on Settings.

Step 2: Tap on Ease of access.

Step 3: Turn on Narrator from the list.



You can also turn on narrator by pressing and holding volume up key, then press the start button.

Note: If Narrator quick launch is turned off, the Volume up + Start button combo will not work and the narrator will not be turned on. This is to stop Narrator from being turned on by accident. Follow these steps to know how to turn on/off Narrator quick launch.

Step 1: Go to App list.

Step 2: Tap on Settings and then on Ease of access.

Step 3: Turn on Narrator (if turned off).

Step 4: Under Narrator quick launch, double tap to turn it On or Off.




  1. My husband was playing on his phone an turned his narrator on an got mad at me. So this wat I find. Lol he had me laughing so hard. I mean his was about to have a panic attack

  2. Close, but the reference to “Power button” is wrong, it is the “windows” symbol on the bottom of the display, NOT the physical button.


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