How Do I Find Forgotten Security Code of Nokia Asha Device


Did you forget your Nokia Asha device code? Are you trying to reset your device, but couldn’t find the security code of your device? Here is a guide on how to find security code of Nokia Asha devices running on S40 OS.

 How to Find Forgotten Security Code of Nokia Asha Device

To find security code of your device you need to download NSSP Pro. NSS Pro is a Nokia unlock utility and can be used to find security code of your device. Once you download and Install NSS Pro on your PC, connect your Nokia Asha device using USB data cable to your PC. On your device, select connectivity mode as PC Suite or Nokia Suite.

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Now open NSS Pro, and click on Detect. It will search for available devices connected to your PC. Once your device detected, click on “User Code” to search for available security code on your device. If there is any code then it will be listed beside Possible Code field.  Follow these steps for the same.

Step 1: Download and Install Nokia Connectivity cable drivers (leave it if you have installed them already).

Step 2: Download NSS Pro Nokia Unlock Utility.

Step 3: Connect your Nokia device to PC using USB data cable.

Step 4: Select Connectivity mode as Nokia Suite or PC Suite and wait for proper installation of required drivers.

Step 5: Now Open NSS Pro and click on Detect at the bottom of the window.

Step 6: Once your device is detected, click on User Code to search for available codes.

Step 7:  If NSS Pro finds any code in your device, then it will be listed beside Possible Codes at the right side of window.

There you go; you have recovered your lost Nokia Asha security code. Note that, your device must be unlocked before you connect it to your PC. Hence, this is only useful if your device is unlocked, else you need to flash your device to unlock it.


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