How to Clear Google Chrome Browsing History on Android


Clearing browsing history on Google chrome is easy. If you are using Google Chrome on PC, then here is a tutorial on how to clear web browser history in Google Chrome. However, if you use Google Chrome on your Android phone then continue reading to find how to clear Google Chrome browsing history on Android Phone.

On earlier version of Google Chrome for Android did not have any inbuilt option(which can be accessed from Menu)  to delete or clear the browsing history, but with the latest release of Chrome developers have added an option to delete or clear browsing history more conveniently.

So today, here is guide on how to clear Google chrome browsing history on Android Phone or Tablet. This tutorial includes two methods for clearing the history. Follow the one you find easier.

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How to Clear Google Chrome Browsing History on Android

Method 1: Using Privacy Settings

Step 1: Tap on Menu.
Step 2: From the drop down menu, select Settings.
Step 3: Find Advanced settings and Tap on Privacy.
Step 4: Tap on Clear Browsing Data under Privacy settings.
Step 5:  Now you either can select specific browsing history to be deleted or can delete all browsing data.

Method 2: Memorize Chrome://history

The second method to delete browsing history on Android phone is by typing Chrome://history and then clear browsing history. This method is bit faster, if you can remember what to type in the address bar.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome browser on your Android Phone.

Step 2: Tap on your address bar and type Chrome://history and go.

Step 3: Now, here you have two options.

  • Select specific link to delete.


  • Click on Clear all browsing Data to delete everything at once.

 By following the above methods, you can clear Chrome browsing history on Android phone.


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