How to know if the Recipient read your Gmail Email


MailTrack is a very simple Google chrome extension, which allows you to track or find whether the recipient read an email sent by you or not. This article will guide you on how to know if the recipient read your Email.

Social networking websites like Facebook has a good feature in its messenger that is the ability track whether your sent message has been read by the receiver or not. In addition, if you don’t want someone to track it, then you can simply hide seen in Facebook messenger. However, the situation is not same with your Email service providers. They don’t have any such feature to know whether the recipient has read your message or not.


Luckily, if you are a Gmail user, here is a simple work around to know if the recipients read your Email or not. For this, we need to install a simple Google Chrome extension called MailTrack. This extension allows you to know whether your Email read by the receiver or not. The only downside of this extension is that it is only available for Gmail users.

You can install MailTrack from Google Chrome store by following the below link. Once installed, you have to grant access to your Gmail account. Now when you compose a new Email and send it, you will see a single green check/tick mark beside it and if the recipient reads your message then you will see a double tick/check mark beside your sent email.  Follow these step by step guide to know the same.

How to Know If Recipient Read the Sent Email or Not

  • Visit Google Chrome store and Install MailTrack by clicking on Add
  • Once successfully installed, MailTrack will ask you to grant access to Gmail Account. Grant access to complete the setup.
  • Now sign in to Gmail account and click on Compose, enter your message and click send.
  • Now you will see a Single Green check mark beside your sent email.
  • If the recipient read your message then you will see a double green check mark beside sent email.

By following the above steps, you can be assured that recipient has read your Email. However, sometimes you may not be able to track the status of your Email if the recipient has disabled automatic image loading in Gmail.  


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