How to Password Lock Google Play Store on Android Phone and Tablet


The inbuilt password protection feature in Android is a very handy feature, which allows you to password lock Google play store on your Android device like smartphones and tablets.

 It is very essential that you keep an eye on your kids when they are playing with your Android devices, if you don’t there are chances that you may end up getting a big fat bill, for the purchases you haven’t made. However, you have to clear it, as your kid was the one who made all those purchases. There are several cases where kids have made app purchases without the knowledge their parents.


Just to be in a safer side, Google has included a built-in feature with Android running devices, which requires password for purchases. This feature prevents your children from making app purchases without your permission. This also comes in handy if you hand over device to your friends or family members, as they will also be blocked from making any app purchases from Google play store.

Now if you are one of those concerned parents then it is important that you utilise this password protect Play store feature to avoid any such situations. Follow these step by step tutorial on how to password lock Google Play Store on Android.

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1. Open Google Play app on your android device (Smartphone or Tablet)

2. Tap on menu and select settings from the drop down list

3. Under settings, tap on Required password for purchase

4. Now you will see three options “For all purchases through Google Play on this device” “Every 30 minutes” and “Never”. Select “For all purchases though Google play store”.

5. Next you need to provide/enter your Google account password (which you use to sign in to Google play store) and tap on OK.

That’s it! You have successfully password protected Google Play Store on Android device. Next time when you or someone else try to purchases an app from Google Play store, they will asked to enter password for authorised access.


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