How to Enable Offline Mode in Google Chrome to Work Offline


Web browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer have an added advantage over the popular Google Chrome and that is offline mode feature. Offline mode automatically saves a copy of web pages that you have visited or browsed and allows you to view the same page pages when you are not connected to internet.

Offline mode can come in handy when you travel using flight, where you don’t have access to internet. You can open all the webpage that you would like to read while travelling and close them, so that your browser can create a copy of all those web pages and serve you when you are offline. Now when you try to access any webpage while being offline, you will still be able to read that webpage because of offline mode.


As I said before Firefox and Internet explorer comes with built-in offline mode features, which can be accessed from the main menu. If you are Google Chrome user, then by default it does not comes with offline mode feature. However, it does not mean that you cannot get offline mode on Google chrome. Here is how to enable offline mode in Google Chrome to work offline.

How to Enable Offline Mode in Google Chrome

Step 1: Type or copy paste this link in your address bar: “chrome://flags/#enable-offline-mode” (without quotes)

Step 2:  Find Offline Cache Mode and below it click on Enable.


Step 3: Restart your browser to save the settings.

Step 4: Now just to confirm its working. Visit any web page, close it and restart your browser after disconnection your internet connection.

Step 5: Visit the same web page and you should be able to see the web page.

Once you enable this feature, Chrome saves the content of that web page including images, text, HTML and CSS style sheet. Next time when you access the same webpage without internet connection, you will see this saved web page.

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