How to Access Your Internet Router If You Forget Username and Password


Are you trying to change your routers settings, but forgot the username and password? Well, this is very common among internet users who don’t access their router settings frequently and when they access it in a decade they usually don’t remember  username and password of their router. Now here is how you to access your internet router if you forget Username and password.

The first thing you can do is to search for your router’s manual came with your router, because most of the manuals shows how you can access your router without username and password.  In case, if you have lost your manual also, follow this simple work around to access your router without username and password.

Access Router without Username and Password

Step 1: Go to Start, type “run” and click on Run from the search results.

access-router-without-password-run access-router-without-password-run-1

Step 2: Type cmd in the Run dialogue box and hit enter.


Step 3: Now in command prompt window, type ipconfig and hit enter.



Step 4: Copy default gateway address (e.g. under Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection.



Step 5: Now open web browser on your system and paste copied gateway address in the address bar and hit enter.


Step 6: Now you should see a window asking username and password.

Step 7: Go to your modem or router.

Step 8: Try to find Modem Access Code at the bottom/back and write down the code.

Step 9: Now enter, Modem Access code (which you found at the bottom of your router/modem) as password in the web browser.

Step 10: For username try any of the following:

  • Administrator
  • User
  • Admin
  • 000, etc.

Any of the above username should work, if not simply Google for a default username of your modem and you will get it. Once done, you will be logged in to your router settings with full access.

By following these steps, you can access router even if you have forgotten the password and username. Do let us know if you have any problem in this tutorial in the comments below and don’t forget to share this.

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