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Once our newly purchased computers used to perform blazingly fast, but with the time, it slows down. Now even a simple utility like calculator takes more than a 1 minute to open. There can be several reasons, which made your PC slow down. Iolo’s System Mechanic 12.7 is the latest version of System Mechanic utility, and it will help you to optimize the performance and security of your PC by scanning and fixing errors in your PC to improve the performance.


System Mechanic 12.7 Review

  • Version: System Mechanic 12.7
  • Supported OS: Windows 8, 7, XP and Vista
  • Price: $29.95
  • Official Blog:

Final Rating  3.5 Stars (3.5 / 5)

What’s new in System Mechanic 12.7?

Iolo has added few new features to its latest version of System Mechanic. Let’s us have a look at the new features in System Mechanic 12.7.

  • Super Control Panel: It gives you dozens of hidden Windows settings at your fingertips and allows you to customize your PC for more optimization.
  • RAMJet: According to Iolo this technology uses a three-tier approach to free trapped memory resulting in less consumption of RAM.
  • DriveSense: Helps you in avoiding crashes with the help of drive diagnostic tools.

Features and Working

System Mechanic 12.7 comes with several enhanced tools for improving your PC’s performance. The good thing about System Mechanic is that you don’t need to be a computer geek to utilise this utility effectively, and even an average computer user can easily access all the tools and features to enhance computer performance.

Once you start the application you will be presented with an introduction window with options like System Mechanic Tutorials, Customer Welcome, Why is System Mechanic Better and What are the new features in the latest version. To get the main screen, click on skip the screen.


As soon as your skip the screen System Mechanic will start to analyze your system automatically or will ask you to analyze your system. Here you will get two options, fast analysis and complete analysis. Selecting fast analysis will take few minutes and will scan your system for common problem whereas selecting full analysis may take an hour or more based on your Systems performance, but does a thorough analysis of system and reports significant errors in the system.


Once you click automatic system cleanup will scan your PC for performance issues and will fix issues by repairing registry errors, detecting low priority programmes, which can be disabled for performance enhancement. Instead of selecting automatic cleansing you can also opt for manual cleansing, in which you would be selecting the programs of your choice for analysis and exclude the ones you don’t want to check for errors.

If you click on overview, you will see system status (Good or At risk). Click on View will bring up a set of recommendation including a recommendation to disable unwanted and less used start-up programmes. Startup programmes usually slow down your system. Other recommendations include uninstalling unwanted programs to get more space on your hard disk.

Clicking on All-in-one-Tools brings up a window consisting utilities like PC Accelerator, PC Repair, PC Cleanup, PC Security. Either, you can run all of these utilities one after another or you can also run all the services at once by clicking on Start Total PC care.


Another feature to be mentioned here is the Total Registry Revitalizer. As the name indicates this utility, will help you in keeping the registry clean and organised with a single click. It also comes with registry restore option in case if something goes wrong. System Mechanic 12.7 also has a collection of individual utilities like Energy Booster, Driver designated, Optimize Windows startup, registry backup, etc. 




System Mechanic 12.7 indeed does what it claims by cleaning up all the junk files, recommending performance enhancement by uninstalling/disabling programs and registry cleaning. It comes with a price tag of $29.95 and can be downloaded from the official blog. However, before making any purchase I would recommend you to try the trial version and if it solves your problem then make your decision of buying the full version.

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