How to Check Android Smart Watches are compatible with Your Android Phone


Few days ago at Google IO, the search giant announced the release of its new version of Android OS named as Android L. Google has also announced about few upcoming Android smartwatches hitting the market as soon as the end of July 2014. The Android L was later named as Android Lollipop, and now the latest version of Android OS is Android 6.0 MarhsMallow. In this article, we will show how to check if your Smartwatch is compatible with your Android phone.

The major brands, which will release its smart watches are LG with G Watch, Samsung with Gear Live and Motorola with Moto 360. There are several other brands including HTC and Fossil, who will be announcing their smart watches in coming months.


Now if you are planning to buy any of these smart watches, but not sure of their compatibility with you Smartphone then this tutorial will help you to check your Android phone’s compatibility with a smartwatch.

How to Check Android Watch Compatibility with Android Phone

Step 1: Open a web browser on your Android phone.

Step 2: Enter and visit this web page:

Step 3: That is it! Now you will see whether your Android smartphone is compatible with Android smart watch.

Smart watches can plenty of things other than showing correct time on your wrist. These are small wearable units powered by few hundred mAh battery can do tasks like displaying map or navigating you to the right direction, can help you in monitoring your heart beats, ability to receive or end calls,  read text messages without touching your smartphone, etc.

In most of the cases, you need to have an Android phone running on Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) or higher to be able to pair your smart watch with your smartphone. The above-given steps will help you to find compatibility of your smartphone with smart watches. It also comes in handy if you are not sure of your Android phones version and want to check the compatibility. 


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