Best New Google Tips and Tricks


Google is popular as search engine among the people, but what is not known to the masses is that Google offers other services like Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Drive and so on. Although, most of us use these services, still we are aware of only basic features offered by these services.


However, if you want to know few more features and tips to make most out of Google products, then this article will help you.

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Best New Google Tips and Tricks

Unsend Sent Email in Gmail


You sent an Email and spotted a typo? Or sent it to a wrong person? Don’t waste your time by thinking what I have done! Instead, use Gmail’s undo send feature to stop the message from being sent to the receiver.

  • Login to Gmail Account.
  • Click on Gear icon and select Settings.
  • Now click on Lab tab.
  • Find Undo Send section and select Enable.
  • Scroll down and save changes.
  • Now whenever you send a new Email, you will get a confirmation message beside which you can find Undo option to stop sent message from being delivered.

I have also covered this tutorial in detail. For more info read how to stop sent message in Gmail.

Play YouTube Like a Jukebox


You can easily create your YouTube playlist to queue and save a list of YouTube videos. This comes handy when you come across an interesting video but don’t have time to watch it. So you can watch that video later by adding it to your playlist.

  • Login to YouTube using Google Account.
  • Search for a video you want to save and open it.
  • Now under video’s view count, click on Add to.
  • Here you can create your new playlist by typing its name and then add the video to that playlist.
  • Later you can find the playlist by click on Menu icon( three bars icon in the top left corner).

Watch YouTube video without waiting for them to Load


The YouTube app on Android has few cool features, and one of them is watching videos without waiting for them to load. This features loads up a playlist of videos whenever you are on WiFi, and allows you to watch them on the go.

Open YouTube app on your Android smartphone or Tablet

  • Touch the menu icon( three dots/bar upper right corner) and log in to YouTube.
  • Now tap on Menu and select Settings.
  • Select Preloading from the options.
  • Select Preload watch later.

That’s it! Now whenever you are on WiFi, your videos in the playlist will be automatically loaded.

Get  Score of the Game on the go


If you are a sports fan who want to keep up with latest score update of your favourite game, then you can get the live score on the go with this Google feature. To use this feature, you should have a device running on Android 4.1+ or iOS 5.0+.

  • Tap on Google search.
  • Login using your Google account.
  • Tap on Menu icon (bottom right corner with three dots).
  • Tap Settings and turn on Google Now.
  • Now again get back to the last page and tap Magic wand icon.
  • Tap on Sports teams and enter or select teams you would like to get updates for.

Now whenever there is a match, you will get live score updates on your Google search main screen.

These are the few best Google tips and tricks to get more out of Google Products. There are several other tips and tricks available on official Google Tips page. Visit to read all the tips and tricks.


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