8 Best Google Chrome Tricks and Tips You Should Know


Google Chrome is one of the most popular browsers among internet users because it is faster and stable. Now if you want to work faster on Google Chrome then in this article I will show you eight best handy Google Chrome tips and tricks to work quicker and smarter.


Best Google Chrome Tricks

1. Save Web Page as PDF

While browsing, you can save any web page on Google Chrome as PDF. Open any web page and press Ctrl + P on your keyboard. In the next Window find destination section and click on change. Select Save as PDF from Local Destinations section and click on Save. Now you will be asked to select the destination to save this PDF file, select your destination and click on Save.

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2. Open Cached Version of WebPages

Google Cache is a very handy feature and allows you to open the cached version of any web page even if the website is down. To open cached version of any web page from Chrome type Cache:www.url.com (replace URL with your preferred webpage) and hit enter. Now if there is any cached version of the webpage is available then you could see it in Google search results.

3. Find all  Saved Username and Password

If you have allowed Chrome to save your username and password while signing in to any website, then you can quickly view and find those login credentials from Chrome settings. To view saved password in Google Chrome click on Menu icon (three lines icon right corner) and select Settings from the drop-down list. Scroll down and click on show advanced settings, find Password and forms section. Click on Manage saved the password to see the entire list of saved passwords with the username. Click on show button beside your username and website URL to view the password.


4. Pin Tab

Pin Tab feature allows you to minimize the tab display size to icon size. This feature comes very handily, when you have opened several tabs. To do this open any tab you would like to Pin, right-click on the tab and select Pin Tab from the drop down list. Now the tab will be resized to icon size; you can unpin it by right-clicking on the Tab and select Unpin Tab.

5. Search from Omnibox

One of the less used features of Google Chrome is Omnibox (address bar) search feature. What we do is, we open Google.com and then do our search. Alternatively, you can directly search your queries from Omnibox. Just enter or type your questions and press enter to see Google search results.

6. Drag and Drop to View Images and Play Audio/Video

Another less knows feature of Google Chrome is its ability to play audio and video without any specific video/audio player. All you have to do is just Drag and Drop any audio/video file to a new tab to play it. You can also drag and drop the image to view them in Chrome without the need of any photo viewer application.

7. Drag and Drop Downloaded Files

Another handy feature allows you to move simply downloaded files to your other device or location with a simple drag and drop. Once you complete downloading your file, simply drag and drop the file to other location or device to move the file.

8. Open Multiple Web Page on Startup


You can make your Google Chrome to open multiple web pages at startup. This comes handy if you always open multiple web pages after starting Chrome. To do this, click on Menu icon (three bars icon) and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Next, Find On Startup, Select Open a specific page or set of pages and click on Set Pages. Now add all the pages you would like to open on startup and click OK.

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