How to Watch YouTube Videos in VLC Player


Earlier we have shown you how you can watch YouTube videos in slow motion using VLC Player. However, you can also use VLC player to watch videos from YouTube and can have more control on the video. Default YouTube video player provides minimum control while watching videos, but with VLC you can use all possible features available in it.

It also comes handy when you don’t want to view unnecessary video recommendations, comments and advertisements in the sidebar.  While watching YouTube Videos on VLC, you will also be able to skip the sidebar advertisement as mentioned earlier. If you like to have a less busy screen without much of text around it, then watching YouTube videos on VLC should be next thing you do. If you are looking for a YouTube player alternative, then VLC should be your first choice as well. 


VLC Player allows you to watch YouTube videos directly without the need of Adobe Flash Player. All you have to do is, copy the YouTube video URL or drag it to VLC player, and play it. Follow these steps to know how to play YouTube videos in VLC Player.

How to Play YouTube Videos in VLC

Step 1: Download and Install VLC Player (only if you have not installed it already).

Step 2: Open VLC Player.

Step 3: Click on Tools and select Preferences from the drop-down list.


Step 4: In the next window, at the bottom select All from Show settings section (refer image below).


Step 5: When you click on All, you’ll see all hidden settings. From the list click on Input/Codecs.


Step 6: Next, in Input/ Codec section, find Preferred video resolution and from the drop down list select video resolution (for example 720p or 360) depending on your internet speed.


Step 7: Click on Save to save the settings.

Step 8: Now to watch any YouTube video, go to YouTube and simply drag the video or the video URL to your VLC player and click on Play button.

Step 9: Wait un.til it loads and starts to play. It may take few seconds or minutes to load depending upon your internet speed

That’s it! Now you can enjoy all the YouTube videos in VLC Player. Liked it? Do share it and leave your comments below.


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