How to Developer Unlock Nokia Lumia / Windows Phone 8 Smartphone


By default, all the smartphones running on Windows Phone 8.1 OS comes locked and does not allow deployment or installation of non-store apps. This privilege of side loading apps has been only given to users with a developer account. Now the only way to install non-store apps on your Windows Phone 8 smartphone is by developer unlocking it.

Sideloading  Windows Phone apps in Windows Phone 8.1 comes with an advantage of allowing the users to sideload non-store apps. You can download Windows Phone apps from the Windows Phone store on your PC first and later move it your phone. Or you can check the performance of your newly developed app on your phone by installing the app on your Windows Phone.


Now if you want to know how to Unlock Nokia Lumia or HTC or Samsung Windows Phone 8 smartphones then this tutorial will guide you. Follow these steps to developer unlock Windows Phone 8 smartphone.

Developer Unlock Windows Phone 8 Devices


Step 1: After downloading Windows Phone Mini SDK, install it on your computer.

Step 2: Connect your Windows Phone smartphone to the PC using the data cable and wait until your PC detects your device. (If you are connecting your phone for the first time then you PC may take a few minutes to detect it, as it needs to install required drivers).

Step 3: Now start Windows Phone SDK. To do this click on Start, type Windows Phone Developer Registration or Developer Registration and from the search results click on Windows Phone Developer Registration to open it.

Step 4: Next, click on Register in Developer Phone Registration window. If your phone is not detected then, click on retry and make sure that your device is properly connected.

Note: Make sure that your device screen is unlocked.

Step 5: Now you will be asked to log in using Microsoft account. Do it by entering valid Microsoft account username and password.

Step 6: Now your phone will be registered for development. Wait until you get a success message as “Status: Congratulations! You have successfully unlocked your Windows Phone”.

That’s it! Again Congratulations for developer unlocking your Windows Phone device. Now for any reason if you want to unregister your device and lock it back again, then follow all the above steps and at step 5 click on Unregister.

Note: The above given Windows Phone Mini SDK is not useful if you are planning on developing Windows Phone apps, as it contains only registration tool. You can download the full Windows Phone SDK here, and it only runs on 64-bit Windows 8 or above version.


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