Convert Video Files to MP3 Format with VLC Player


VLC player is one of best media player for your Windows PC. It can play every possible audio and video format, and the availability of supported plugins makes it even better by adding new features and functionality. However, apart from playing your favorite music, VLC player also can convert video files to MP3 format that too without adding any third-party plugin.

VLC comes with a built-in video to mp3 conversion feature allowing the user to convert their favorite video file to MP3 format. You can also use VLC to convert your video files into YouTube HD video format and other formats like PSP, iPhone, iPod, Android SD, etc.

The ability to convert video files to MP 3 using VLC will come in handy if you want to save only audio of a video song. This would not only take less amount of storage but will also play on a very basic MP3 supported device. If you want to share an audio only file of any video over instant messaging application, then also you can convert the video file to MP3 and send it to any instant messaging service.

So let’s see how you can use VLC player to convert video files to MP3 format. Follow these step by step guide.

How to Convert Video Files to MP3 Format with VLC

Step 1: Download and Install VLC media player ( if you have already installed then proceed with step 2).

Step 2: Now open VLC player.

Step 3: Click Media (top left) and select Open (advanced) or Open Multiple files.


  • or Press Ctrl + Shift + O to get it

Step 4: A pop-up window will appear, under File tab, click on Add.


Step 5: Here you have to select a video that you wish to convert. So select your video and click on Open.


Step 6: Now click on small arrow icon at the bottom beside Play (Refer image below) and select Convert from the list.


Step 7: Next, Click and choose your preferred format, in my case I have selected MP3.


  • Tip: Check Display the output box if you want to see the output after converting the file

Step 8: Now select your destination (where you want to store/save your converted file) by clicking on Browse and give a name to your file.


Step 9: Click on Start button to initialize the process.

That’s it! You have successfully converted video file to MP3 format using VLC player. You can also use VLC player to cut MP3 songs and to play or watch YouTube videos in slow motion.


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