Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone


Apps store has thousands of photo editing apps for iPhone, but which one is the best among them? Here I have listed few best photo editing apps for iPhone. You can download them from Apps store to make your captured movements more beautiful.


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Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone



Snapspeed is one of the best photo editing app for iPhone available on Apps store. This app comes with several built-in effects, filters, frames, saturation, brightness control, contrast and white balance feature. All of these can be easily accessed and controlled using easy to use sliders.

Auto Correct feature of this app allows you to adjust your photos quickly with a single tap. You can also tweak your photos to perfection using Tune Image option. It also has innovative filters like Retrolux, Drama, Vintage, Grunge and Tilt-Shift for enhanced photo editing experience. Built-in Sharing tools will allow you to share your photos on social media within this app itself.

Features of Snapspeed

  • Auto Correct – Allows you to adjust your photos easily with single click
  • Tune  Image – Allows you to tweak your photo to perfection
  • Selective Adjust – to enhance specific objects or areas in photos
  • Fun and Innovative filters
  • Inbuilt Social sharing feature

Adobe Photoshop Express

As the name indicates, Adobe Photoshop Express is developed by the desktop image editing software giant Adobe Systems. However, will you get the same experience on your iPhone? Not really, but still Adobe Photoshop Express is an ideal app for image editing on iPhone.

It has all the bells and vessels that an image editing app should have including basics like Crop, straighten, rotate, removing red-eye and flipping your photos. Auto Fix feature allows you to adjust contrast, exposure and white balance. It also comes with one-touch filters, which includes more than 20 fresh and trendy effects to make your photos shine. With a premium account, you can get 20 more filters, noise reduction feature. Lastly, it also has integrated social sharing option for sharing photos on social media.

Features of Adobe Photoshop Express

  • Auto Fix for one touch contrast, exposure and white balance adjustment
  • Basic Crop, straighten, rotate, flip and remove red-eye
  • One-touch filters with more than 20 filter
  • Paid premium packs with more filters and features
  • Inbuilt social sharing feature

Filterstorm Neue

If you prefer bit more feature rich app with advanced features and don’t mind spending few dollars, then Filterstorm is the one you should get. With this app, you can edit iPhone pictures at full size and if something goes wrong while editing you can correct it with up to 10-steps undo history. Other feature includes Black and White, Blur, Brightness control, contrast, Clone, Curves, Hue, noise reduction, saturation, sharpen any photo, tone map and add text.

You can also use effects like Amtrak, Bleach, Posterize, Sepia, Vignette and X Process. The masking tool includes Brush, smart brush, eraser, gradient, color range and invert.

Features of Filterstorm Neue

  • Inbuilt Social Sharing Tool
  • Adjust Black and White, Contrast, Blur, Curve and Shadows
  • Do Crop, Scale, Rotate, Flip and more
  • Add effects like Amatorka, Bleach Bypass, Sepia, Vignette, and Vintage
  • Masking tools include Brush, smart brush, eraser, Gradient and invert

Color Splash

Have you seen a black and white image with some parts still in color? Color Splash is an iPhone app, which makes it possible. You can select a certain area of an image to be in color, whereas rest of the image will be in Black and White only. You can choose photos from your iPhone library or any social media network like Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, etc. You can save multiple sessions to save your work and resume it later according to your convenience. It also allows you to undo any number of brush strokes and correct it again without any loss.

Color Splash is not a free app and costs $0.99, but still it worth the penny you spend on it for the unique features it offers.

Feature of Color Splash

  • Short video tutorials to get you started
  • Save multiple sessions to save your work and resume it later
  • Undo any number of accidental numbers of brush strokes
  • More….

These are the best photo editing iPhone apps that allow you to edit and share your images easily from your iPhone. Do try them and don’t forget to share.


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