How to Restore Android Phones to Factory Setting


Android smartphones are popular than any other mobile OS running devices and no doubt that it’s ecosystem with thousands of free and paid apps have played a significant role in it. As an Android phone user, we install new and popular apps, but after some time we get bored with it, and we uninstall it to save some precious space on our device.  This usually happens with the latest games that released on the Google Play Store, but does uninstalling an app makes your device as good as it was before?  This is where knowing how to restore the Android phone to factory setting can be useful.


As the time passes, our Android phones and Tablets become slow, and one of the reasons for this is the clutter that your phone builds up from the installed apps and games temporary file and saved data.  You can restore your android phone or android tablet to its factory default setting to make it run like a new device.

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In other situation, you might be willing to sell your Android tablet, but want to destroy all your personal data in it to be on a safer side. Just deleting data from the device does not ensure that you have destroyed it, but restoring your Android phone can assure you that none can recover it unless he has some unique tools, which can recover data from a restored Android phone.

Whatever the reason may be, the solution is simple. Therefore, today I will show you how to restore android phone and tablet to factory setting quickly.

Points to remember before proceeding with restoration of Android phone and tablet

  • Take a full backup of your important data.( call log, contacts, media files and apps list)
  • Restoring Android phone deletes everything from your phone

How to Restore Android Phone and Tablet

Note: The setting may vary depending upon the OEM device you are using.

Step 1:  Go to Menu and then tap on Setting.

Step 2: Under Settings, tap on Backup and Reset option.

Step 3: Now tap on Factory data reset.

Step 4: You will see a warning message saying that you will lose all the data if you proceed to reset your phone.

Step 5: If you are ok and want to continue then just click on Reset Phone or Reset Tablet button (bottom) then click on Erase everything.

Note: If you have a security lock on your phone then enter your password in Confirm your PIN box.

Step 6: Now wait till your android phone or android tablet restored to factory default setting. It will restart automatically once successfully restored.

By following the above steps, you can easily restore Android phone and tablet to its factory default setting with just a few taps.

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