How to Recover Data from Damaged DVD/CD


Although CD’s and DVD’s are not the primary source of media storage nowadays, still for most of the things we need CDs. Now if any of your CD or DVD has damaged, here is how to recover data from damaged or scratched CD’s and DVD’s with little effort.

Why we still use CDs or DVDs? Mostly to play games on our PCs or install drivers for any hardware. When I recently made the fresh installation of Windows on my PC, I had to re-install drivers for a printer. So, as usual I downloaded the drivers from internet and for my surprise they were not working. Now, what? I had to search for the printer’s driver CD (which came with the printer) and install it to make my printer work again.


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Now suppose, you are in the same situation and found the CD, but when you try to install it, it shows “not readable” or “corrupted” error! This usually happens when your CD or DVD is damaged, and the only way to get data from it is to recover it using any windows recover utility.

So, what are the best Windows data recovery utilities to recover data from DVDs? Here are few free data recovery utilities, which can recover data from CDs and DVD quickly. You can go through their features and the usability.

How to Recover Data from CD

You can use any of the following free software tools to recover data from your scratched DVD.

CD Recovery Toolbox


CD Recovery Toolbox can restore data from damaged disk and supports all CD/DVD format. After installing it on your PC, it will guide you through some wizards to begin recovery from the disk. Once you select your drive, it tries to recover the maximum possible amount of data, and the recovered data will be in the form of a list.

  • This tool is compatible with all versions of Windows 98.

Unstoppable Copier


Another great free data recovery utility is Roadkill’s Unstoppable Copier. It has the capability to recover data from scratched CD’s and DVD. This is one of most light in size yet powerful in feature tool and has been designed to recover maximum data from the disk.  You can also use its batch mode function to create a daily backup of your files. The recovered files will be saved in a file and has to be run using the command line.

  • This utility is compatible with old to new Windows version and for Linux as well.

By using these services, you can try to recover data from DVD and CDs, before experimenting with the more complicated solution. So, do try these tools and let us know your views about them in the comments below.

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