How to Password Lock Apps on Android Phone using App Lock

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If you own an Android smartphone, you must have installed some apps on it. Some apps are just normal, and you won’t bother protecting them, but some Android apps are for personal use only, and you would be willing to protect them with a password lock.  This article will guide you on how to password lock android apps on a smartphone using App Lock.

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Your smartphone knows more secret of yours than your relatives or friends as we tend to store most of the important documents and files on our Android phone for portability purpose.  We usually store private pictures, videos, credentials of our email, banking app, and social accounts. Now when your smartphone knows so much about you, don’t you think you should add an extra layer of security to your device by password locking apps on the android phone?

This step is necessary even if you have password locked your Android smartphone because sometimes we give our phones to our friends or children’s after unlocking it, but what if they get access to some sensitive information or may be something that you don’t want them to watch?

A better solution for this is to lock the app itself so that no one can access it without your permission. It can be done using an app called App Lock. What this App does is it locks your specified apps with a password and protects it from unauthorized access. Let’s see how to use this app to password lock android apps on a smartphone.

How to Password Lock Apps on Android Smartphone

Step 1: First download and install App lock on Android phone (Download App Lock).

Step 2: Once installed, start the application.

Step 3: If it asks you to enter password then enter default password 7777.

Step 4: Once you get in, tap on Add button. This will load your app list.

Step 5: Now tap on the app that you wish to lock.

Step 6: Now that you have added a password lock to Android apps. The Next thing is to change the password.

Step 7: Tap on key icon, tap password and enter your new password.

Step 8: Now to unlock any app, tap on the app and you’ll get a message like “unfortunately, App stopped working”.

Step 9: Now press and hold OK button and enter your password.

       Note: You have to press and hold the OK button to enter the password. Simply pressing on OK will get you to the home screen.

By following the above method, you can password lock android apps on the android phone and can protect it from unauthorized use. The App Lock application also has other option like password type (here you can choose between pattern lock or number lock type), password hint, etc.

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