How to Cut MP3 Songs Using VLC Player


MP3 cutters allow you to cut a portion of the song and save it for later use. However, for this you have to download third-party MP3 cutters from the web. Alternatively, you can also use VLC media player on your PC to cut MP3’s quickly. VLC Media player has an inbuilt record tool, which helps you in recording a portion of the song. Today we will see how to use VLC media player as MP3 cutter.


This is indeed a handy feature in VLC media player as you don’t have to download and install any third-party mp3 cutter to trim a song or music.  VLC Player doesn’t have the MP3 cutter tool in it, but we will be using a workaround to get this done. As I said earlier, the VLC player comes with an inbuilt audio recording tool, which can be used to record the song being played on the VLC player.

So, we will begin the recording of the MP3 file from where you want to start and later stop the recording where you want to stop the MP 3. This will be stored as a separate MP 3 file or audio file on your PC. You can follow these steps given in this guide below to know how to cut MP3 songs using VLC player.

How to Cut MP3 songs using VLC Player

Step 1: Download VLC Player

The first step is downloading VLC player for official website. (Click here to download) If you have already installed VLC player in your PC then, skip this step.

Step 2: Add Songs


Once downloaded and installed, open VLC player on your PC. Now click on Media and select Open File. Now you will be prompted to browse and add the song you wish to cut, so find and select your song.

Step 3: Cut MP3


Once you have selected your song, click on View (VLC top menu) and select Advanced Controls. Once selected you will see advanced controls at the bottom of VLC player (a red record icon).


Next, select beginning point by dragging the slider and click on red record button to begin recording. Now the song will be recorded, to stop you have to click on the same red record button. That’s it! You have successfully recorded and saved the music on your hard drive

Step 4: Play Recorded File

Now that you have recorded the file, it is time to play it. For this, you have to find the file first, and the files are usually stored in C:UsersYour_System_NameMy Music or Music (e.g.  C:UsersDellMy Music).

By following the above steps, you can cut MP3 songs using VLC player. This is the easiest way to cut MP3, and the best part is you don’t even require to download external or third-party tools as VLC is quite popular among Windows users and majority of users use it as their primary video and audio player. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Just to share that in Win 7, for video files, output will be in C:\Users\madxkatz\Videos. Hope that helps others 🙂


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