Best Screen Sharing and Remote Desktop Sharing Tools


Remote desktop sharing tools or screen sharing tools can save you plenty of time in different situations. All you have to do is install any of these screen sharing applications on your PC or Mac, and you are ready to work remotely on your clients desktop. There are several screen sharing tools available for Windows PC and Mac, and I have listed best few of them just to save you a little time.


Best Screen Sharing Tools

Ammy Admin


Ammyy Admin is one of the best screen sharing tool with over 28 000 000 users using it on their PC.  You can share your desktop screen over the internet with anyone using your user ID. Using Ammy Admin is very easy, just download and run it. It does not require installation and is very light in size as well.

Once downloaded, run the application. Next, it will automatically generate a user ID; use the same user ID to share your desktop screen over the internet with your partner.

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TeamViwer is another great screen sharing application available for both Mac and Windows and does the same work as Ammy.It has features like remote desktop sharing file transfer, chat, etc. Download TeamViwer, run the application, and your user ID will be generated instantly. Now give the same user ID to someone with whom you want to share your screen. Once he/she enter your user ID on his TeamViwer application you will get a request to allow connection and screen sharing, simply click on accept and you are done!

TeamViwer is free for all non-commercial users; if you want to use it for commercial purposes then you can purchase a licence from the official website.



Yuuguu is a web browser-based screen sharing tool and comes with first 7 days free trail. After the trial period, you have to purchase it to continue. You start by creating Yuuguu account, next to share your screen you need to enter your partner’s email ID, who already has a YuuGuu account. If he already has an account, then a confirmation message will be sent to him to accept screen sharing.

The only disadvantage is it is not completely free and comes with 7 days of the trail. However, at the advantage side it is an entirely web-based tool, and you do not need to download anything to your PC.




ShowMyPC is a yet another screen sharing tool with free and premium account features available for the users. You can access your home computer from anywhere, reboot a remote PC, access and manage multiple unattended PC’s and you can even track your stolen or lost PC.

You need to download and install ShowMyPC application, which is 2MB in size and takes few minutes for installation. Once done you are ready to go air with your presentation and other stuff.

Now, do try these best screen sharing tools and let us know your views about them. Do comment below, if you have any other alternative or if you found any of the provided tool is not working anymore.

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  1. Tashreef, you forgot to mention R-HUB remote support server. It allows desktop screen sharing, remote support etc.

  2. Has anyone tried R-HUB web conferencing and remote support servers? If not, kindly try the same. It provides 6 real time collaboration applications in one box.


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