Best Google Chrome Add-ons To Make Web Browsing More Secure


Google Chrome, one of the best web browser you can have on your PC, smartphones and Tablet. I have also covered a detailed article on how to download and install Google Chrome on Windows PC and Mac. According to Google, Chrome provides required security to its users by making your web browsing better and secure. However, what steps you can take to make your browsing more secure on Google Chrome?  You can do your bit by installing these few best Google Chrome add-ons for safe and convenient web browsing experience.


In this article, I will suggest you some of the best Google Chrome add-ons to protect your browser and the sensitive data in it from strangers and unauthorized users.

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The add-ons I have selected here serves different purposes, but with the single aim of providing more security to the user. So check out the Best Google Chrome Add-ons that you should know for more secure browsing.

1. ChromePW


We can lock our PC or Smartphone screen with password, but can you password lock your browser too? The answer is yes! You can secure Google Chrome browser with a password using ChromePW and can prevent any unauthorized user stealing any sensitive information from your browser.

ChomePW is an add-on, which locks your browser with a password-protected shield, if you need access, you have to provide your password first.

Setting up ChromeWP:

Go to ChromePW, Click Free, then confirm it by clicking on Add.

Once you have successfully added this add-on, it is time to set a password.

To do this Click on Menu icon > Settings > Extensions.

Now find ChromePW from the list and click on options button below it.

Now in ChromePW settings, enter your new password and confirm it.

Provide or set a password hint, in case if you forget your password.

Next time when you will restart your Chrome browser you will be asked to enter a password, enter your password and access chrome.

2. LastPass


LastPass is another great add-on available for Chrome users. This add-on works as a vault for all your passwords where you store your passwords in it and locks it with a single password. Once you install it on your Chrome browser, you can store your passwords in it and lock it with a master-key (password).

Setting up LastPass:

Get LastPass from chrome store, click on +Free and then on Add.

Once added, click on Chrome Settings > Extensions.

Find LastPass and click on Options.

Now click on Account setting, Create your account and you are done!.

3. HTTPS Everywhere


By just looking at the name, you can say that this is a security add-on, which encrypts connection whenever possible.  You can install this add-on from the above link and once installed you will be served with a secured version of any website that you visit. You can also use HTTPS everywhere button to force a website into secure connection (if possible).

So, these are some of the best Google Chrome add-ons to make web browsing more secure on Google Chrome.  Do you use any other add-on, which you think should be included here? Do let us know in the comments.

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