4 Methods To Take Full Webpage Screenshots


There are several methods to take screenshots of a web page. If you are using Windows, then a single key can take screenshots for you. Windows 7 has an inbuilt tool to take screenshots. This can be also done using web browser extensions. Do you want to know how to take full web page screenshots in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer? Here is how to do it.

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4 Methods To Take Full Webpage Screenshots

Method 1:  Use Print Scr Key (Windows)


This is one of the most preferred methods for taking web page screenshots quickly. All you have to do is open the web page you want to take a screenshot of and press PrntScr key on your keyboard. That’s it you have successfully captured the screenshot. Now the next step is to save this screenshot. To do this open any image editing tool like MS Paint or Photoshop. If you are using MS paint then just right-click on the plain area and select paste or (Ctrl + V) and if you are using Photoshop then open it, press Ctrl + N (New) and then press Ctrl + V (paste) and save it.

Method 2: Use Snipping Tool (Windows 7 and above)

The second method is based on built-in snipping tool for Windows 7 and above version. To access this tool type Snipping Tool in the search bar and select Snipping Tool from the result. Now drag and select the area from a webpage you want to take a screenshot. This screenshot will appear in the new window; now you have to save this image for further use.

Method 3: Web browser Add-ons and Extensions

By using above motioned methods, you can only take a screenshot of selected area of a web page and not the full web page. Now to take the screenshot of the full web page we can use extensions and add-on on Google Chrome and Firefox.

  • Awesome screenshot Add-on for Google Chrome: If you are using Google Chrome then an Awesome screenshot is the best add-on for taking full web page screenshot. Just install Awesome screenshot from Chrome store and you are ready to go. With this extension, you can not only capture web page screenshot but also can edit them. It allows you to add annotation, blur the text area, add marks, emojis, etc.
  • Awesome Screenshot Plus Extension for Firefox: Firefox users can use Awesome Screenshot Plus extension to take screenshots of a full webpage with a single click. Just install Awesome Screenshot Plus and you are done!

Method 4:  Use Web Tools

If you don’t want to add any third-party software on your PC or your web browser, you can look for web-based alternatives. By using web-based tools to capture screenshots of the web page, you don’t have to add any third-party extension to your browser. These web tools are free to use and work very well on every browser. I have written a detailed post on best screen capture web tools, read it for more detail.

Web tools make it much easier to capture full web page screenshots and save them to your PC. All you have to do is copy the link or URL to the web page for which you want to capture the screenshot, visit any of the above (in the article) services, enter the URL and capture the entire web page. You can later download it to your PC.

So, this was about how to take full web page screenshots with and without extensions and PC tools. If you have to make some edit, I would recommend extensions and PC tools, else web-based screen capturing tools should work fine for you.


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    Method 2: Use Snipping Tool (Windows 7 and above)

    Snipping Tool ya estaba en Windows Vista (32 bits).
    No recuerdo el modo de acceso predeterminado. (Mi Vista está muy personalizado)
    En cualquier caso basta crear un acceso directo a :

    y dejarlo donde a uno le convenga.


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