Top 10 Stupidest Things We Do on Our Smartphone [Infographic]


Owning a smartphone is quite common now with so many options and affordable price tag.  But, have you ever thought about the stupidest thing you have done with your smartphone? If not, they here is an infographic on 10 stupidest thing smartphone users do with their smartphone.

#1 No Password on Their Phone: 62% of Smartphone owners doesn’t password protect their device and smartphone users are 33% more likely to experience identity theft.

#2 Auto Sign-in for Banking and Financial Websites:32% have their private password saved on their smartphone.

#3 Take, Send and Store nude photos on their device : 20% of the teenagers sent naked pictures of themselves via MMS or share online and 17% of recipients forward these nude images to someone else o.O (Be aware of what you share)

#4 Click on Links in Fraudulent emails: According to Protect your Bubble’s data,  4% of all its identity theft cases stem from email fraud and 156 million phishing emails are sent every day. (Double Check before you click)

#5 Post Photos online while on vacation: Over 75% of convicted burglars believe that other burglars are using social media to find targets (Need more likes on Facebook?)

#6 Post Photos Online without turning off location setting:  A Whopping 500 Million photos are uploaded each day to social media

#7 Share personal data with fraudsters who call pretending to be from their bank: According to the source 27% of identity theft is caused from phone related and banking fraud cases (Nothing is free)

#8 Sport a Naked Smartphone: 25% smartphone users don’t use a phone case

#9 Connect to unsecure wireless networks: According to a survey, 52% access unsecured wi-fi networks on their device

#10 No Smartphone insurance: According to a survey, 60% of customers don’t plan to purchase smartphone insurance when buying a new phone (60% smartphone users are really smart: D)

So, these are the 10 stupidest things smartphone users do on their smartphone. Do you agree? Let us know in the comments.

Via : venturebeat  Source: Protect Your Bubble.


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