Stream Videos / Music from PC to Android Phone Using WiFi


If you are a music lover or if you keep all the latest HD videos on your Android phone for max portability of all your multimedia content then your storage will fill up soon. In this situation, you have two options either you can delete some content to add new content or stop adding content altogether. Or you can try streaming Videos and music from PC to Android phone over WiFi.


But, you also have a third alternative that is streaming music from PC to Android Phone. You can stream music, videos and movies from your PC’s hard drive to android phone easily over WiFi. Streaming music from PC to Android phone will save plenty of space on your smartphone, and you can add more important data on it.

All you need is a stable WiFi connection with good speed so that you can stream content without any problem. Once you follow steps given below and set up your Android phone accordingly then you can stream music from PC to Android phone from any corner of your home or office.

So, let’s get started. We will begin with installing required apps on your phone, and you can download these apps from the Google Play store.

Procedure:  Procedure is very straightforward. First we will set up your PC to share folder and files over WiFi then we will use the file manager of your Android Phone to stream music, videos and movies.

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How to Stream Music – Videos From PC to Android Phone

Step 1: Download and Install a good Media player on your phone that can play all the video formats. I have also covered best Media Players for Android; you can follow the link for more info.  (Proceed with step 2 to if you already have one).

Step 2:  Download and Install ERS Explorer (File Manger). I have also covered best file manager for Android; you can follow the link for more info. (Proceed to step 3 if already installed).

Step 3: Now on your Windows PC, right-click on the folder where you have saved your music and movies and select properties.

Note: It is recommended that you save or move music and videos in two different folders for easy access.

Step 4: In Properties window, click on Sharing tab and then click Share button.

Step 4: In the next window select everyone from the drop down menu and click Add button.

Step 5: Now click on Share button and provide administrator right if required.

In Step 5 we have allowed access to everyone for that particular folder that uses your WiFi network, but they have to provide PC login credentials (Password and Username) to access this folder. Now follow same steps for all the folders you want to share.

Once you finished setting up your PC and enabled sharing on all the appropriate folders, proceed with Step 6 below.

Step 6:  Unlock your Android phone and connect it to WiFi network that your PC is connected.

Step 7: Open ERS Explorer on your phone and tap on Fast Access menu icon (top left).

Step 8: In the drop down list tap on Network > LAN > Scan.

Step 9: Wait for few seconds till it scans and finds your PC.

Step 10: If successfully detected you’ll see your PC name on your phone.

Step 11: Now tap and hold on your PC name and  from the options select Edit Server.

Step 12: Here you’ll be asked to enter your PC users name and Password, enter it. Before clicking on OK, uncheck Anonymous box and click on OK.

Step 13: Now again tap on your PC icon and there it is! All shared folders on PC can be accessed from your Android Phone.

Step 14: Tap on shared folder in which you have saved movies or music and select the content you wish to stream.

Step 15: If you are prompted to select media player then choose any media player and enjoy your content through streaming.

That’s all! You have successfully set up your PC, and now you can stream music and videos from PC to Android Phone over WiFi connection without worrying about the storage space available on your phone.


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