How to Send SMS from Gmail for Free


Using websites to send SMS (Short Message Service) online is not a new thing, and you’ll find various sites offering online text messaging services for free of cost. The only drawback of these websites is that they always include some irritating promotional links with your text messages. But, alternatively you can also use your Gmail account to send SMS to your contacts.


The benefit of using Gmail over another online SMS sending websites is the elimination of redundant links in the messages and privacy control. You can be sure that your private contact numbers will not be shared with third parties especially with advertising agencies like most of the other websites do.

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But, with advantages, Gmail SMS service also has a disadvantage or limitation, that is you’ll only have 50 credits (points) and with every message credit goes down. Still, I would recommend using Gmail to send SMS over any other free services.

So, in this article I will guide you on how to enable SMS sending on Gmail and then how to send SMS using Gmail to your contact. We will also learn how to get more credit points from Gmail.

Step 1: Enable SMS Sending in Gmail’s Google Chat

Visit and Login to your account. After logging in, click on the gear icon (top right corner) and select settings.


In Settings, you have to click on Labs tab.


Now scroll and until you see “SMS (text messaging) in Chat”.


Once you find it, click on “Enable“(refer below image). Now scroll down and click on Save Changes to save the setting.

That’s it! You have successfully enabled SMS sending in Google Chat. Next step is to see how to send SMS using Gmail.

Step 2: Send SMS from Gmail

Now from your inbox find “Search, Chat or SMS” box. If should be on the bottom left of your screen.

Now point your mouse cursor to any contacts that you wish to send a text message and you’ll see something like the image below.


After that click on  Send SMS.


If your selected contact already has a phone number attached, then all you have to do is type your message and hit enter.

If not, click on small down arrow icon at the bottom and select Send SMS, here you have to enter the contact number of your friend.


After typing Contact number click on save.


Now type your message and hit enter to send it.

Well, that is it! You have successfully sent a text message from Gmail. Now the only thing you left to know is how to get more credit points.

As I said before, every Gmail user gets 50 credit points to send a message and with every message sent you spend 1 point. If you are low on balance then, tell one of your contacts to send you a message, and when you receive a message, 5 credit points will be added to your account. Max credit is limited to 50 only and Min is 0, so use it wisely.

Some other things you can do with Google Chat:

  • To Block all MS from Gmail, Simple send “STOP.”
  • To unblock any contact send “START.”
  • To block a particular contact send “Block.”
  • To  unblock any particular contact send “Unblock.”

So, this was about how to send SMS from Gmail to your contacts online. Do you have any other tip? Leave your feedback and suggestions in the comments.

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