Best Screen Capture Tools and Websites to Take Screenshots Online


Major OS’s like Windows and OS X come with inbuilt screen capture tools, and they help us to share what we see on the screen.  If you are a Windows XP, Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10 user you can simply press “PrntScn” key to take a full screenshot of your screen, but this inbuilt screen capturing tools are very limited in features. 


Now if inbuilt screen capture tools are unable to fulfill your needs and if you are looking for the best free alternatives then you should check out our collection of best free online and offline screen capture tools for Windows and Mac.

The best part is these screen capture tools are free, but features on these tools vary. These tools provide the ability to capture a screenshot of specified size, entering text, drawing sketches, video and audio capture and much more.

Best Screen Capture Tools Online and Offline

Online Screen Capture Tools

Online tools may not have all the features that an offline screen capture application can provide, but it comes handy when you don’t want to waste your time by installing it on your computer, or you need something that can take a snap quickly.

The only downside of online screen capturing tool is it can only capture public websites and not some social media or account like Facebook, Gmail, etc.

1. Web ScreenShots


The first online website for capturing screen is Web screenshots. This web-based tool has been created by Amit  Agrawal and works perfectly well with less loading time. It takes a full screenshot of a specified web page URL and not only the visible screen.

To use this go to Web Screenshots, then type in your website address and click on Capture Screenshot Button. Wait for few seconds or until the % bar loads to 100. Once done, click on download image and in the next window click on the image, right-click on it, select “save image as”, give a name and save it.

Note:  don’t forget to add HTTP:// before your website address.

2. Thumbalizr


Thumbalizr also is a web page snapping tool and does its work pretty well. You have to wait for 26 seconds before you get the snapshot, but the best part is here you have two options one is a screen, and another one is the page.  Selecting “screen” will only take screenshot according to your screen, but selecting page will provide you a full-page screenshot.

Using this tool is also very simple. Visit Thumbalizr, enter page URL, select page or screen option and click “thumb it”. Wait for few seconds then click on your desired screen resolution to get the image.

3. Web


This tool helps you in taking a full and quick screenshot of any web page in different file format including JPEG, PDF, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PS, and SVG. The processing is not as fast as above mentioned sites, but it depends on which output format you choose.

To use this service, simply navigate to Web Capture, Enter web page URL, select the output format and then click on Capture image. Wait for few seconds, once processed click on Download image.

Screen Capture Software

If you are a webmaster or a web designer, then you may use screen capture tool more frequently than normal users and sometimes the basic web-based tools are not enough for us. Since web-based tools are limited to screen capture only, you may need a tool with few more features like editing, ability to add text, taking specified length screenshots, etc.

So here is the collection of best free Screen capture software for Windows and MAC OS.

1. WebKut


WebKut is an AIR application that allows you to capture screenshots of web pages quickly. WebKut gives the ability to take a screenshot of either full-page, current view or selected area.

Using WebKut is very easy. First download and Install WebKut on your PC or MAC. Once installed open this software and choose between three options (Full Page, Current View, and Selection). Based on your choice, you will have tools to capture a screenshot.

Download Webkut

2. Jing Project


Jing Project is another free yet effective utility program to capture screen. This software comes with both image and video capture options and also allows you to select selected area of the web page. You can also sketch on the image, and much more can be done with this tool.

Download Jing

3. MWSnap


MWSnap is a free screen capture utility available for your computer. It has 5 snapping modes and can produce output in following formats: BMP, JPG, TIFF, PNG, and GIF.  You can zoom into a webpage to capture screenshot; you can also capture Icons and Glyphs without losing their resolution.

Download WMSnap

By using any of the above tools, you would be able to capture screenshots with ease of a click. I would recommend you to use software application instead of web based tools if possible because they offer more features than your standard web-based tools. Did I miss any other tool? Do let us know in the comments.


  1. Awesome! Extremely helpful! Thanks a lot! I I always use acethinker screen grabber to capture screenshot, works like a charm. It’s totally free, share it here as an alternative.


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