Open / Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Chrome, Firefox and Microsoft Edge


Opening multiple tabs on web browsers is quite common for most of the internet users as this feature allow us to do multiple tasks efficiently. Multiple tab feature is available on almost every web browser including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer and the latest Microsoft Edge and we use them quite frequently. How many times have you closed the open tabs accidentally in Chrome and Firefox or Microsoft Edge? It happens, but the good thing is you can always restore the recently closed tabs in these browsers.

“Opps! What? I closed a tab accidentally”. This is another common mistake that we all do while working with multiple tabs. We usually close a wrong tab while browsing across multiple tabs and it even become worse when we are browsing a new web page and don’t remember the URL of that blog.

Although every browser keeps a history of your web browsing according to date, sometimes it may fail to do so. Though, it never does that unless you are browsing in incognito mode. Going to your browsing history option is not a very convenient option. Now, what? This is where the recently closed tab feature on web browser comes handy.

 Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Chrome, Firefox and IE

There are two ways by which you can restore closed tabs in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and the best thing is almost every web browser has same steps to restore recently closed tabs.

1. Use Keyboard Shortcut

By pressing a combination of keys on your keyboard, you can open recently closed tabs on web browsers. Press CTRL + Shift + T to restore closed tabs. Press same combination of keys repeatedly to restore all recently closed tabs. This shortcut works on all web browsers.

2. Manual Method to Restore Recently Closed Tabs

If the above-given keyboard shortcut is not working for any reason, then you can also restore tabs manually.  Follow these steps on your browsers.

Restore Recently Closed Tabs in Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome, Click on Menu Icon (three horizontal lines at top right corner).
  • Now Go to Recent Tabs and select closed tabs from the list to open it.

Open Recently Closed Tabs in Firefox

  • Open Firefox and click on History (Top left).
  • From the drop down list go to Recently Closed Tabs and select any tab you wish to open.

Open Recently Closed Tabs in Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer and Right Click on current tab (tab you are currently using).
  • From the drop down list click on Reopen recently closed Tabs.

Open Recently Close Tabs in Microsoft Edge

Unlike all the modern web browsers, the Microsoft Edge doesn’t seem to have a direct option to open the recently closed tabs from the Menu. However, you can still open recently closed tabs in Microsoft Edge with a keyboard shortcut.  Press Ctrl + Shift + T to open the recently closed tabs in Microsoft Edge.

That’s it! By following the above method, you’ll be able to restore recently closed tabs on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.


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