8 Best Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Tips and Tricks You Should Know


Windows Phone 8, the third most popular Smartphone OS by the software giant Microsoft is trying to make a place for smartphone users. If you own a Windows Phone 8 smartphone like Nokia Lumia or HTC 8X or any other device then here I have some of the best and coolest Tips and Tricks for your Windows Phone 8 device. Windows-phone-8-tricks-nokia-lumia

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1. Translate Text using Camera

It’s a universal fact that when it comes to smartphone camera Nokia rules and still does with a device like Nokia 808 Preview ( Symbian Phone), Nokia Lumia 1020 and the latest monster Nokia Lumia 1520. But, you just don’t have a powerful camera on your phone, but you can also use it to translate text that too in 39 different languages!

Follow These Steps to Translate Text using Camera.

Note: This trick is tested on Nokia Lumia devices, not sure about its status on other Windows Phone devices. Do try this and let us know.

  • Press Search button (Magnifying glass icon) then click on eye icon
  • Now point your device at texts that wish to translate and tap on “Scan Text.”
  • Now you’ll be presented with translated text in your native language (Default Language on your Phone)
  • If your text is already in the mother tongue, then you’ll have options to translate the text into 32 different languages.

2. Find Any Music Quickly Like Ninja

This is another simple yet effective tip to make it easier to find any music playing around you. Sometimes we hear music on Radio, Audio players or loudspeakers and wants to know its details like Artist, Composer, lyricist, etc. Now if you own a Windows Phone, then it is damn easy to find any song details.

Follow these steps:

  • Tap on Search Button and then tap on Music Note icon
  • Now lets your Windows Phone listen to the song by pointing it at the tune
  • Once your smart device recognizes the song, it will bring you the details of it including artist, track, and a link to buy the song from Windows Phone Store.

Isn’t it cool? Obviously it is.

3.  Zoom into Your Screen

Sometimes the text is so messy that you can’t read it correctly without taking your phone near to your eyes, like a 90-year oldie who read a newspaper by sticking it to his eyes. If you have been into this situation, then you must check out Windows Phone Ease of Use setting. Here with a simple tweak you can zoom into your screen.

Follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings, and Then Tap on System and then on Ease of Access
  • In Ease of Access, you can activate high contrast for better clarity, increase text size and also turn on Screen Magnifier.
  • Once you turn on Screen Magnifier, you can double-tap to zoom into your screen for better readability.

4. Create Backup of your Photos with SkyDrive

Today’s latest smartphones come with enough internal storage to keep your all pictures on your phone itself. In case if you are running out of storage or if you want your snaps to be in more secure place,  you can store or create a backup of all your picture with SkyDrive that too automatically.

Follow These Steps:

  • Go to Settings, Tap on Backup
  • Next tap on Photos. Here you have to choose between three settings namely Don’t Upload, Good Quality and Best Quality.
  • Don’t Upload means you photos will not be uploaded, Selecting Good Quality will upload photos to SkyDrive with average quality and Best Quality uploads best quality photos but are large and requires WiFi connection.

I would recommend you to Choose Good Quality if you don’t have a stable WiFi connection.

5. Voice Command your Device

You can command your Windows Phone 8 device through your voice and by activating Voice Command mode. Just Press and Hold Windows Phone or Start button (Home key), tap on Speak button and command your Nokia Lumia like a boss.

You can also use voice command when your Windows Phone is locked with little change in settings. To do this go to Settings > Speech > then select “Use Speech when the phone is locked.”

Below are the few commands that you can try for a specific task.

  • Call Contact Name: To call anyone say Call and their name (Eg: Call Tashreef Shareef)
  • Call Phone Number: To call someone using their phone number say Call and their number (Eg: Call +9123456789)

Note: Don’t try to call above number, it’s not working 😀

  • Redial: Saying Redial will redial last dialed number
  • Text Contact Name: To send text message simply say Text and the contact name (Eg: Text Tashreef Shareef)
  • Note Anything: To note anything say Note and your subject (Eg: Note bring butter)
  • Open App: To start any App say Open or Start App name (Eg: Open Calculator)
  • Find Web: To find or search anything on the internet say Find your keyword (Eg: Find burger)

There are other Voice commands that you can learn here.

6. Reply Caller with an SMS

Occasionally we find our self in the situation where we can’t respond to a call and if the caller is your mother or girlfriend then you know a war is about to begin. To avoid this, you can use a built-in feature on your Windows Phone 8 device to send your caller a text message.

Follow below steps:

  • When you receive a call slide up and press ‘Text Reply’ button
  • After that, you can choose from default messages or can create your reply.

7. Copy Any Text from Anywhere

Suppose if you are watching TV or just browsing on your computer and you notice some text that you wish to note down then you can copy that text quickly using your Windows Phone 8 device.

Follow these steps:

  • Tap on Search button on your device and point it at your object
  • Scan entire text, click on Options and press Copy All
  • Now open OneNote and Paste it

Isn’t it simple and effective? Of course it is.

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8. Use Kids Corner as Games Corner

You can use Kids corner as your Games corner. If you are a game freak and have lots of games then you can move your games to Kids corner and use it as Games Corner. It comes handy when you are playing games and in excitement if you press search button then also your game will not be interrupted as search button does not work in Kids corner mode.

These are some of the best Windows Phone 8 tricks that every Windows Phone user should know. Do you have any other tip? Do share with us in the comments.


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