How to Hide Files and Folders on Android Phone


Smartphones are one of the essential tools, and most of the smartphone users use it as their daily driver. If you own a smartphone, then you might have stored some contents that you want to keep as private only. In that case, it becomes necessary that you keep your contents or documents safe by hiding your folders and files on Android Phone.


Hiding folder and files on any Android phone is super easy, and it takes no more than a minute. There are several apps available on Google Play store that can hide folder and files on your Android phone, but as usual some of them are feature rich and some are bare bones only.

To save you a bit of time, here I have made the list of best apps to hide files and folders on Android Phone. Almost every listed app is available for free on Google Play store, and you can download them on your phone using below links.

But, before you proceed with file hiding tools consider following tips for better security

  • Always Password Lock your phone even if you have nothing to hide
  • Be sure about who is using your phone

Best Apps to Hide Files and Folders on Android Phone

1. Hide It Pro


This app is an excellent tool if you really want to hide any document, music files, videos and pictures. What this app does is it smartly hides your documents and pictures behind a simple, but functional audio manager app. Now if you open the audio manager it works by allowing the user to change volume setting for music, ringtone and alarm. To access your hidden files, simply long press on the title and enter your security PIN.

Another unique feature in this app is it allows you to enter an escape PIN or Password that shows an empty folder. This comes handy when someone gets to know that you have hidden files and urged you to open them.

2. File Hide Pro


File Hide Pro is another pro app and has received excellent reviews as well. File Hide Pro can hide all your files including Pictures, Audios, Videos, and Folders, etc. and disguises itself into tip calculator app.

Now if you open the app, it works as a Tip Calculator, but to open the files you have to long press on the title and enter your PIN or Password to gain access.

How to use File Hide Pro?

  • Download and Install File Hide Pro
  • After installation, you can find a Tip Calculator icon, click on it to Open
  • Now Long Press title and open file hide pro
  • Tap on folder icon to add files and folders that you wish to hide
  • Once selected Tap on Hide all button to finish
  • Now go to the app setting and tap on Enable Password
  • Tap on Change password, enter new password and click ok

By using the above-listed apps, you can hide files and folders on Android phone quickly. Do let us know which app you use the most in the comments below.

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