Best Google Chrome Tricks You Should Know


Google Chrome a popular browser from the search giant Google and is one of the most preferred browsers among the internet users. It’s fast, easy and comes with numerous features to enhance your browsing experience. If you are a Google Chrome user, then check out some of the best Google Chrome tricks that you might not know.


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1. Sync Bookmarks and Settings by Signing in

This is one of the best features you can have while using Google Chrome. When you install Google Chrome, you’ll be asked to sign in to Google Chrome using your Google Apps account. After you sign in your settings, extensions and preferences will be saved on that computer. When you sign in using another computer, Google will sync all your data to that new computer including settings and bookmark.

2. Create Application Shortcuts

Another handy feature on Google Chrome is the ability to add or create shortcuts of your favorite Webpages to Desktop, Start Menu, and Taskbar.

Follow below steps to create Application Webpage Shortcuts  

Step 1: Open Google Chrome

Step 2: Click on Manu icon and then go to Tools

Step 3: Now click on create application shortcut and select location to save (Desktop, Taskbar, and Start Menu)

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3. Chrome Incognito Window

If you are a webmaster, you know that when you are logged in to your account there is a status bar at the top of your browser showing SEO status and your stats. But sometimes we want to see our website as a visitor that too without logging out. In that case, you can use Incognito window.

By using this feature, you can view your website as a visitor and also can log in to another account of the same website without logging out from the first one.

To do this Click on Menu Icon > then select New incognito window

4.  List of Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Chrome

Below is the list of keyboard shortcuts you can use with Chrome browser.

List of Keyboard Shortcut

  • F11 = Turn Full Screen ON/OFF
  • Ctrl + = Zoom in
  • Ctrl - = Zoom out
  • Ctrl + Page Up and Page Down = Navigate Between Tabs
  • Ctrl + Tab = Move to Next Tab
  • Ctrl + D = Bookmark Webpage
  • Ctrl + F = Find/ Search Box
  • Ctrl + H = Browsing History
  • Ctrl + J = Show Downloads
  • Ctrl + N = Open New Window
  • Ctrl + R = Reload
  • Ctrl + Shift + T = Open Recently Closed Tab
  • Ctrl + W = Close Tab

5. Open Recently or Accidentally Closed Tabs

At times, it happens that we close important tabs accidentally, and it becomes even worse if you have closed several tabs simultaneously. Fortunately in Google Chrome you can open recently closed tabs with a single click.

If you want to open a single tab then press Ctrl + Shift + T or click on Menu icon and select undo closed tab or Reopen closed tab.

6. Task Manager

Google Chrome has inbuilt task manager that shows the memory and CPU usage of the chrome browser.  Now if you want to know which tab in your browser is using more power then do the following.

Right, Click on space or press Shift +Esc key to bringing up the Task Manager. You can close any Tab by selecting it and then click on End process

So, these are the 6 best free Google Tricks that you should try with your browser. Do try them and let us know your view in the comments.

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