Transfer Files between PC to Android using Wi-Fi

Transfer Files between PC to Android Phone suing WiFI

How to do you transfer files between your Android Phone and PC? Via USB cable or Bluetooth? Both the methods have their pros and cons. For example, if you use USB cable then you’ll get high-speed data transfer, but it lacks the convenience. But if you use Bluetooth then you’ll have the convenience but the data transfer speed is comparatively slow.

Transfer Files between PC to Android Phone suing WiFI

Now, how about transferring your Files from PC to Android Phone and Tablet using WiFi? Yes! You can use your WiFi connection to transfer files between your PC and Android Phone. This can be achieved using an Android app available in Google Play Store. Today, we will use an Android app that allows you to transfer files between your PC and Android device using WiFi.

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How Transfer File between Android Phone to PC using WiFi

AirDroid: The first app is AirDroid. It is one of the most popular apps on Google play store and comes with rich set of features. By using this app, you can do both tasks of sending and receiving of files between your PC to Android Phone.

AirDroid helps you to manage your Android phone from your PC browser. It has a clean UI (User Interface) along with performance.

Features of AirDroid:

  • View Photos from your Phone in your PC
  • Send and Receive SMS from PC
  • Access Multi Media content like Music and videos
  • Use your Android phone’s camera on your PC
  • Take backup of APK files and much more  

Now you know the features of AirDroid. The next part is about how to use AirDroid?

Follow these simple steps to Install Android.

Step 1: Download and Install AirDroid from Google Play Store on your phone.

Step 2: Now connect your Android phone to PC’s Wi-Fi network.

If you don’t have WiFi hotspot feature on your PC then read how to create and use Windows PC – Laptop has Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Step 3: Now open AirDroid App in your phone and it will detect your WiFi network while starting the App.

Step 4: The App will give you an IP address note it down.

Step 5: Open your PC’s web browser and type the given IP address (indicated in step 4) in the address bar and hit enter.

Step 6: Now the IP address will connect you to the AirDroid server.

Step 7: Now you’ll see notification for confirmation on your phone from AirDroid.

Step 8: Tap on Accept. Now you’ll be able to access your phone’s interface in your PC’s web browser.

Step 9:  Now in your PC you can see Toolbox, click on File icon and from here you can select or view your phone’s folder and files.

Step 10: Now to transfer files, click on “File” tab and select any file or folder from your PC. Once you select the file, AirDroid will start to send the files to your Phone.

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Now if you want to access files from the phone then use the AirDroid web interface on your PC, right-click on the file you wish to download and select Download.


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    i test this method T but my problem is very slow speed !
    my speed is 20kbps !! but when test wifi speed with WIFI SPEED TEST softwareT my speed is 2.5mbps !
    plz help me to increase speed .


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