Download – Install – Setup Google Chrome on Windows PC and MAC


Google Chrome, latest but one of the most popular browser among internet users. Google Chrome is a Google product and is popular for its fast and smooth performance. If you are a new user and looking for Google chrome guide then here in this article I will be telling you how to Download, Install and Setup Google Chrome for best possible user experience.


There are several browsers available online like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and few others, but if you have chosen Chrome over all of them, then you’ll not regret as Chrome offers the best performance, fewer crashes and compatible with Google products like Gmail and Google apps.

Follow below step by step procedure to download, install and setup Google Chrome on Windows PC and MAC.

How to Download Google Chrome on Windows PC and MAC

How to Install Google Chrome on Windows PC and MAC

  • After download completes, double-click on the file
  • Now you’ll be prompted to select Chrome as default web browser (Check or Uncheck the box)
  • After that, Click on Install and Google Chrome installation will initialize, wait till it completes
  • Once completed, open Google Chrome and you are ready to browse the web

How to Setup Google Chrome

Here we have few simple yet effective setups to make your Google Chrome experience better and better only.

  • Sign into Chrome


You can sign in to Google Chrome using your Gmail ID. Signing in to Chrome brings your bookmarks, history, and other settings to all your devices. Even if you make any changes to your chrome on one device, it will take effect on all your devices and all you chrome stuff are safe in case anything happens to your computer.

  • Access Google Apps


  • Bookmarks


Bookmarks allow you to save your favorite web address so that you can visit them with a single click. To bookmark, any website do the following:

Visit your website or page and click on Star icon at the top right corner of the address bar. After that, give a name for the web page and save it.

  • Extensions
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Google Chrome also has a vast collection of Chrome extensions which serves various purposes like one extension can let you download Facebook videos, and another one can let you download APK files from Google Play store.

  • Omnibox


Omnibox is an address bar or can also be used as a Google search bar. Suppose if you have to find Tips to increase internet speed then type “Tips to increase internet speed” in the Omnibox and hit enter. Since Google Chrome has Google as default search engine, it will show you the related results from Google.

You can also get autocomplete suggestions for the sites you visit most. Eg: if you are a regular visitor then type only Tech in the Omnibox, and you’ll autocomplete suggestion as

  • Autofill


Another handy feature in Chrome is Autofill. Autofill feature remembers your previously filled form details like Address, email ID, name, Zip code, etc. and automatically fills the same detail on the next form without having to type the same details again and again.

  • Themes
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If you use Chrome, then you can personalize the way your browser looks. You can select and apply different themes available in Chrome store.  Though everyone might not like customizing their chrome or change the default look of their default browser, for those who wants to do it, it is a great little feature.


Google Chrome has made the internet browsing fast and smoother than ever before, but as everything has its downside Chrome also lacks a Download manager. You can download contents through Chrome from the internet, but can’t resume it after closing the browser once, and the downloading speed is also not very good compared to Mozilla Firefox. An inbuilt download manager must be the one such thing that is being requested by almost every chrome user. However, apart from being resource hungry and a lacking download manager, Google Chrome is an excellent web browser for internet needs.


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