Able2Extract Professional 8.0 Review: Convert PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint & More


If you ever tried to copy text or images from a PDF file, you know how frustrating it can be. Some PDF files don’t allow you to copy text or images and if they allow you can’t maintain the same format.

So, the best way is to convert PDF files to your desired format, this way you can maintain the same format as well as successfully copy all the text and images. To do this tedious task, you can find free tools available online, but these free tools either lack support for all the formats, or they are not good enough.

This is where Able2Extract Professional 8.0 comes handy. Able2Extract Professional 8.0 is a professional tool to Convert PDF to Excel, Word, PowerPoint and other formats with an ease of a click.


Product info:

  • Name: Able2Extract Professional 8.0
  • Publisher: Investintech
  • Reviewed Version: 8.0
  • Compatibility:  Windows XP or Above, Mac OS, Linux

Pricing and Plans:


  1. Clean and Easy to use User Interface
  2. Batch Conversion feature allows you to convert multiple PDFs simultaneously
  3. PDF conversion to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG, PNG, Text, AutoCAD, HTML, Publisher format
  4. OCR Support


  1. Not Free, Price $129.95 for Lifetime Licensees
  2. Very Limited Trial Version

Final Product Rating:

Able2Extact Professional 8.0 : 4 Stars (4 / 5)

Full Review Able2Extract Professional 8.0

Able2Extract Professional 8.0 simply reads the PDF document you want to convert and splits out the contents of text, images and tables into any Microsoft Office format including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other formats like HTML, Publisher, etc.

The Latest version Able2Extract Professional 8.0 is 25MB in Size and can be downloaded from the official website. It comes with 7 days of trial version and can convert only three pages during the trial period.

When you open the application, you’ll be presented with a window asking you to continue with Trial or to Buy the full version.This application has a very simple user interface, and every option is grayed out until you open a PDF file.


Clicking on Open button will prompt you to select a PDF you wish to convert. Once you open the PDF, all the option will become available.You can also notice a tip balloon pop-up guides you to the next step. You can close it by clicking on “X” close button.

Next step is to select the area you want to convert or you can also select full-page. It comes handy when you have to convert a particular portion of PDF document and not the entire page.Once you select the area, you can proceed with Conversion. To convert select the format you wish to convert from the main menu.

Able2Extract Professional 8.0 Review tip balloon

Supported Formats

You can convert PDF document to following formats: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML, AutoCAD, OpenOffice, and Image.

Able2Extract Professional 8.0 Review covert formats

How did it perform?

PDF to MS Word

For this review, I used a single page PDF document and it took about 2 seconds to convert the PDF to Word format with without a single error. (click on Image to Zoom)

 Able2Extract Professional 8.0 Review PDF to word
PDF Before Conversion
 Able2Extract Professional 8.0 Review PDF to word 1
PDF after conversion to Word

Scanned PDF Conversion

This is one among the best feature you can get with Able2Extract Professional 8.0.  For this again I used a single page Scanned PDF document and it took around 4 seconds to convert the whole page to Word format without a single mistake.

 Able2Extract Professional 8.0 Review Scanned to PDF
Scanned PDF Document before conversion
 Able2Extract Professional 8.0 Review PDF to word 1
Scanned PDF document after conversion to Word

Batch Conversion

Batch Conversion feature allows you to convert multiple PDF files simultaneously. For this, I added 12 separate PDF files and converted it to word format. This process took around 45 seconds to complete accurately.

PDF to Excel

With the use of Able2Extract Professional 8.0, you can convert PDF files to Excel Format. Here also I used a single PDF document and converted it to Excel and surprisingly everything was converted accurately. You can view the sample below.

Able2Extract Professional 8.0 Review PDF to excel
Before PDF to Excel conversion

Features of Able2Extract Professional 8.0:

  • Clean and Easy to Use User Interface
  • Convert PDF to PowerPoint
  • Convert PDF to MS Word
  • Convert PDF to Image
  • Convert PDF to HTML
  • Convert PDF to Excel
  • Convert PDF to Auto CAD
  • Can Perform Image Based OCR Conversion
  • Batch File Feature – Allows you to convert multiple PDF files simultaneously
  • Search – Allows you to search and find words from PDFs
  • Take Quick Snapshot


Able2Extract Professional 8.0 is indeed a professional tool with an ability to convert PDF files to Microsoft Office and few other formats. In my testing, it worked perfectly well by converting all the PDFs to my selected format.

If you have lots of PDFs to convert then, Able2Extract Professional 8.0 is an ideal tool, but it comes with a bit expensive price tag of $129.95. It is highly recommended to anyone with a large number of PDFs to convert. Have you used Able2Extract Professional 8.0? Do let us know your views on it in the comments.


  1. tried the software. delivers as mentioned. price is very steep and does not warranty for upgrades (in pdf formats in the future), so very wary of buying. guess for now, will have to use different pcs whenever needed to convert a 3 page pdf, while i contemplate


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