6 Best Free Files Hosting Websites


At times, we need to host some documents or computer files on the cloud for personal use or to share it with others. Hosting our files on the cloud allows us to share them quickly with anyone using the file sharing link. This also removed the necessity of having a storage device on the go. You can host your files in the cloud and download them according to your need using the best free files hosting websites.


Now, to host a file I needed a website that can host my files for free. After comparing few websites, I found what I was looking for, a website that can host my files for free. After uploading your file, you’ll get a download or file path link that you have to share with your readers and readers can use that link to download your file.

File hosting is the most preferred way of sharing large or small size files. To avoid yourself the hassle of trying out each and every file hosting website out there, I have gathered few services that can host your files for free. Using these websites, you can host almost any kind of file like documents, .zip, .rar files, photos, etc. for free.

So, today I will be sharing few reliable and secure websites to host files for free. All the websites are free and come with the limited amount of storage. You can increase the space after registering for a premium account. Premium accounts allow you to host large size files; the downloaded starts immediately, and the best part is, your visitors won’t see any ads. Nevertheless, if you are hosting files for your personal use, then these free accounts should work fine for you.

1. Rapid Share (Service Closed)

The first websites on our list are Rapid Share.  Rapid share is Switzerland-based free file hosting and sharing the website with up to 10 GB of free space with a standard account. For more than 10 GB storage, you have to purchase a premium account.

Features of Rapid Share

  • Up to 10 GB of Free Storage (Free Standard Account)
  • Max File Size 300MB Limit
  • Easy to Upload and Download
  • Can share files through links

2. MediaFire

MediaFire is same as Rapid Share and also provides the same storage space of 10 GB to host your files for free. Rapid share also has Pro and Business accounts if you need more storage space. The working of this file hosting is similar to any other service. You create a free account and start uploading your files. 

Features of MediaFire

  • Up to 10GB of Free Storage
  • Supports Download Resume
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Share files through links

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is another popular file sharing site with thousands of active users. This website is relatively popular among Android users. With Dropbox, you’ll get 2GB of free storage, but you can get more space with Pro and business accounts. All you have to do is create your free account and start hosting your files by uploading them to Dropbox. You can also share your files using the file sharing link generated on Dropbox.

Features of Dropbox

  • 2GB of Free Storage
  • File Size Limit Unlimited
  • Premium Accounts
  • Safe and Secure

4. Box

The box is another great file hosting and sharing service that allows you to upload up to 10GB of free space, but the file size limit is 250MB each. You can increase the limit size with a premium plan. It is also one of the most popular file sharing service on the internet.

Features of Box

  • Up to 10GB of Free Storage
  • File Size limit of 250 MB each
  • Secure ad-hoc sharing
  • Paid Premium account

5. 4Shared

4Shared  is also a file sharing / free files hosting website and provides 15GB of free storage per account. One of the biggest advantages of 4Shared is its file size limit. 4Shared provides whopping 2GB of file size limit, and your files will be deleted after 180 days of the last login.

Features of 4Shared

  • 15GB of Free Storage Space
  • 2GB of File size limit
  • Files can be shared through links
  • Unlimited bandwidth  

6. FileDropper

FileDroppper is yet another free file hosting service with simple to use user interface and fast performance. It will not make you annoyed with all the crappy ads available on other file sharing websites. You will get 5GB of free storage space and file size limit have been set to the max possible size.

Features of FileDropper

  • Free Storage Space up to 5GB
  • No Annoying ads and no waiting time
  • File Size Limit 5GB
  • Simple and Fast

So, these are the some websites to host files for free. You can make more than one account in case you want more space and don’t wish to opt for a premium account. However, with a premium account and large storage space you can keep your files organised at a single place instead of searching several accounts to fins a single file.



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