How to View/Find Saved Password in Google Chrome

How to View Saved Password in Google Chrome

All the modern browsers allow you to save passwords in it and if you use Google Chrome as your primary browser, then surely you have saved your password in Google Chrome. Saving your username and password makes you work a bit faster, because once you save the password, next time all you have to do is click on login and access any web page or account.

If you are looking for your lost password and you think that you have saved it in Google Chrome, then here is how you can find or view your saved password in Google Chrome.

How to View Saved Password in Google Chrome

Google Chrome comes with a built-in password manager, which saves your entire password (only when you want) and encrypts them to keep it secure. This feature is now also available with Microsoft’s edge browser, which allows you to save password and later view it from the Settings. However, unlike Chrome, the password manager in Microsoft Edge is more secure as anyone without your computer’s login credentials cannot view them from the Microsoft Edge, password manager.

If you want to find all the saved passwords in Google Chrome at once, then it can be done accessing the Google Chrome password manager. For more explicit information about how to view saved password in Google Chrome, read these steps mentioned below.

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How to View Saved Password in Google Chrome

Step 1: Open Google Chrome (apparently!).

Step 2: Go to Google Chrome settings.


Step 3: Now in setting, scroll down and click on Show Advance Settings.


Step 4: Again scroll down and Find “Password and forms”, click on “Manage Passwords.”


Step 5: Now you should see “Google Chrome’s Password Manager” Pop-up window.

Step 6: Now to view your password click on the website name you want the password for and click show.


To hide it again, click on Hide. By following the above method, you’ll be able to get your password back that you saved in Google Chrome. If you have any difficulty in this tutorial, let us know in the comments.

Storing or saving your password in Google Chrome not recommended always. It has its disadvantages as anyone access to your computer can easily view the saved passwords in Google Chrome browser. Although, you can protect Google Chrome by password locking it, we would ask you not to store your password except on your personal computer.


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