How To Stop Sent Email in Gmail

Stop Sent Mail Gmail

Gmail is one of the most popular free Email service provider by Google. Sending an Email takes only a single click on Send button; however it is always advised to double-check your email before sending it to the recipient. However, at times it may happen that you sent an email accidentally on Gmail, and may wish you had the “Dagger of Time” from “Prince of Persia” to reverse the past event. Now that the possibility of getting the dagger of time is 0, you can still stop the sent email in Gmail.

Well, if you are using Gmail then there are chances that you can stop sent email in Gmail. Gmail has a useful feature called Undo Send, which can help you in this kind of situation.  Sometimes in a hurry or because the lack of attention we make mistakes while sending emails, without verifying the receiver or the message text we click on send button.

Stop Sent Mail Gmail

Even if you have not been into this kind situation, still knowing this little Gmail trick to stop sent email in Gmail may help you in future.

The Undo Send feature in Gmail will allow you to undo your sent mail, means you can stop that mail from being delivered to the recipient.  However, do it fast, as the time runs out pretty soon here in the real world. Here in this tutorial we will see how to stop sent emails in Gmail.

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Steps to Use Undo Send Button in Gmail to Stop Send Email

Step 1: Login to your Gmail Account.

Step 2: Click on Gear icon, then on Settings.

Stop Sent Mail Gmail

Step 3: Now click on “Labs” in the settings menu.

Stop Sent Mail Gmail

Step 4: Scroll Down till you see “Undo Send” and click “Enable.”

Undo send in Gmail

Step 5: Now again scroll and click on “Save Changes.”

Stop Sent Mail Gmail

That’s all! Now whenever you send an Email, you’ll see a delivery message along with “Undo” option if you want to stop the mail just click on Undo and your Email will not be sent. But you have to make it quick, as the undo option will be available for only a few seconds after sending the mail (Max 30 seconds).

Recently Gmail updated the Undo Send feature in Gmail and now you have the option to select the cancellation period before the undo send feature disappears. Now you have 30 seconds at max and 10 seconds as a minimum time to select.

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Anyhow, this is indeed a pretty useful feature available in Gmail. There are numerous times this handy feature has helped me to stop the fired bullet. Have you ever used Undo Send feature in Gmail? Do let us know in the comments.


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