Permanently Delete Files – Folders from Windows PC

Permanently Delete Files and Folders from Windows PC

In Windows deleting a file takes two clicks. Right-click on any file and then click “Delete” to delete it. Now you will try to clean recycle bin to permanently delete the deleted file.

However, a question to be asked here is that,  does clearing the recycle bin delete files and folders permanently from Windows PC? The answer is no.

To be on a safe side instead of deleting your files and folders Windows removes the link to the file and keeps the file on the hard disk.

Anyhow, until and unless you know how to recover these files you can’t access them. But suppose if you are trying to sell your Windows PC or Laptop and if you are worried that the buyer may recover your deleted files then here is,  how to permanently delete all file and folders from Windows PC.

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Permanently Delete Files and Folders from Windows PC

Here we will be using a third-party tool Eraser. Eraser is a free and open source Windows security tool that allow you to permanently delete files and folders from Windows PC. It completely wipes all the sensitive data present on your computer’s hard drive by overwriting it several times with unique patterns.

Eraser is compatible with following versions of Windows OS

  • Windows XP (Service Pack 3)
  • Windows Server 2003 (Service Pack 2)
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2

Features of Eraser Tool

  • It works with any drive that works with Windows
  • Secure drive erasure methods are supported out of the box
  • Erases files, folders and their previously deleted counterparts
  • Works with an extremely customizable Scheduler

How to Use Eraser to Permanently Delete Files and Folder from Windows PC

Step 1:  Download and Install Eraser

Step 2: After installing Eraser you are ready to go

Step 3: Now, whenever you have to delete a file or folder, right-click on the file or folder and instead of clicking on Delete, click Erase > Erase.

Permanently Delete Files and Folders from Windows PC

In the below image, you can also see another option Delete on Restart, selecting this will delete your file when you restart your system. This comes handy if you have deleted a file unknowingly and you want to recover it.

So, next time when you delete any file or folder make it unrecoverable with Eraser. Do lets us know your views in the comments.


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