Guide to Get Windows 8 System Recovery Option – Recovery Environment

Windows 8 System Recovery Option

No matter what kind of review Windows 8 has received, but none can deny the fact that Microsoft has done a commendable job with Windows 8 when it comes to boot time and UI of this modern OS. It’s a lot faster; it’s a lot easier to use. In this guide, I will be showing you how to open the Windows 8 System Recovery Option and the Recovery Environment.

Windows 8 System Recovery Option

Here easier doesn’t mean that even a noob will become an advanced user in a day, but he can access some advanced settings quickly. One of those advanced settings is System Recovery Option In Windows 8.

In the earlier version of Windows, we had DOS-looking advanced options interface, basically a black screen with white text including options like Safe Mode, etc.  But in Windows 8, Microsoft has changed the basic Recovery Environment or System Recovery Options interface to modern metro styled GUI.

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What have you in the System Recovery Options?

  1. Continue – Clicking on it will load windows 8 normally.
  2. TroubleShoot – Here you can choose to Refresh, Reset or can access advanced tool in Windows 8.
  3. Turn Off your PC – Basically it will shut your PC down

Now, the question is how to access System Recovery Option in Windows 8. In the older version of Windows pressing F8 at the time of rebooting your PC would take you to the Recovery Option, but because Windows 8 boots faster you may not be able to access recovery option by pressing F8.

So, today here we have 2 methods by which you can access or get system recovery option in Windows 8 easily.  We have two methods follow the easiest one for you.

Method 1: Use Inbuilt Setting

Windows 8 has inbuilt feature to restart your PC in recovery option. To do this click on

  1. Charms Bar and then click on Settings.
  2. No from in Settings, Click on Change PC settings.
  3. Now, in left side click on General Tab and look for Advanced Startup.
  4. Finally under Advanced Startup click on “Restart Now.”

That’s it!

Method 2 : Use Shift + Restart

To get into the System Recovery Option, all you have to do is first Hold Shift Key on your Keyboard and then select Restart button by click on power button in Windows 8. Now your Windows 8 PC will restart in Recovery Option. From there you can select any of the three options available in Recovery Environment.

System recovery option is used to restore your Windows 8 PC to an earlier point or to open in it in safe mode to troubleshoot some problem.

Anyhow, to open the begin recovery environment your Windows 8 PC should be working fine.  If you Windows 8 PC is not able to boot, then this option won’t come up. It’s always advisable to create a Windows 8 recovery drive so that you can recover your Windows 8 PC from any major problem. Read more about how to create a Windows 8 USB recovery drive.


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