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To book train tickets in India either you can visit the Railway station and buy the tickets from the counter or use IRCTC website to book Tatkal tickets online quickly. IRTC has made it more convenient to book Tatkal and General ticket online. Now if you want to know how to Book IRCTC Tatkal Ticket online faster then follow below guide.


If you live in India, then you know that trains are the backbone of the country. Because, Indian trains are cheapest as well the best mode of transport for thousands of people daily. Now if you want to know how to book tatkal tickets online faster than here, we have some tips and tricks that can help you in booking tatkal tickets online faster.

What is Tatkal Railway Ticket? According to IRCTC, Tatkal ticket scheme has been announced for the benefits of the passengers who plans their journey at last movement, but were not successful in securing their seat in the train. In this situation, Tatkal scheme comes handy.

A Tatkal ticket is same as your normal train tickets but comes at premium charges as you can get it even a day before you planned to travel. A tatkal ticket will be issued on first come first serve basis through either ticket counter or Online using

There is a special Tatkal quota in most of the trains for 1A, 2A, 3A, CC, SL coach. Tatkal counters or Tatkal online booking opens 24hours before the departure. Usually at 10 AM and sometimes at 8 AM.

Because the counter opens 24 hours before the departure, there are thousands of people across the country who try their best to get a confirmed tatkal ticket. But not everyone succeeds in it, as IRCTC website works very slow during Tatkal hours.

Most of the time, IRCTC sells all the tickets in its tatkal quota in just 15-45 minutes. So you have to make it fast to get a confirmed Tatkal ticket online, as every second count.

Ok, guys enough talking, let’s see how you can Book Tatkal ticket online quickly.

Points to remember before booking a Tatkal Ticket Online:

  • Tatkal Ticket booking counter opens 24 hours (or a day) before the departure
  • To Book Tatkal ticket online you need a user account in IRCTC
  • You can only book 4 tickets a day using one user ID
  • You need an ID proof, like PAN Card, Voter ID, Passport, etc.

Requirements before Booking Tatkal Ticket Online

As I said before while booking Tatkal Tickets online every second count, so keep this thing ready

  • ID Proof Number: (Passport Number  or PAN Card Number or Driving License Number or Vote ID Number )
  • Type all passengers name in a Notepad and also type ID proof number that you are going to use.
  • Keep your Bank Details ready; if you want to make payment using your bank debit card keep it ready.

Modes of Payment Accepted by IRCTC for Tatkal ticket

  • Debit Card (CITI Bank, ICICI Debit Card, SBI ATM-cum-Debit Card, Canara Bank, Punjab National Bank, Union Bank Of India, Andhra Bank, Bank Of India,     Indian Bank)
  • Credit Card(HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank, CITI Bank, American Express)
  • Online Banking/Net Banking/ Mobile Banking (All state and national banks)
  • Cash Cards (Oxi Cash, ITZ Cash Card, I Cash Card)
  • EMI Options (CITI Bank EMI)

Instruction to Book Tatkal Tickets Online

Note  Tatkal Booking open at 10 AM, so login before 5 minutes.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2:  Create account or Login


Step 3: Fill “From” and “To” fields (Eg: MAQ for Mangalore Central and CST for Mumbai CST)

Step 4: Select travel date (Click on calendar icon)

Step 5: Select Quota as “Tatkal” and click on Find Trains


Step 6: Now, you should see a list of trains available. Click on Coach column in front of Train Name (as shown below)

Step 7: Now you should see how many seats are available if you want to book the ticket click on “Book


Step 8: Here, you have to fill passenger details like Name, ID Proof Number, Age and Birth preference.


Note: You can book up to 4 seats using one ID Proof (max) (refer the image below)

Step 9: Now scroll down and Check “None.”

Step 10: Again scroll down and provide your Mobile Number and enter CAPTCHA (refer below image)

Step 11: Click on “Go” then on “Make Payment.”


Step 12: Now you’ll be prompted to select payment mode and your Bank

Step 13: Select your method of Payment (Credit Card, Debit card, etc.) then click on your Bank Name

Step 14: Complete the payment process

Step 15: As soon as you complete your payment process, your ticket will be booked.

That was easy isn’t it? Maybe, but here we have another trick to book the tatkal ticket online faster.

Step 1: Open Magic Autofill for IRCTC (do this before 10 minutes of booking).

Step 2: Enter passenger details in the given field.

Step 3: After entering the details, click on “I am Feeling Lucky.”

Step 4: Now you will see “Magic Autofill” Button. Just drag it to your Bookmark or toolbar area.

Step 5: Now login to IRCTC website before 5 minutes of booking.

Step 6: When the Tatkal booking opens, click on the bookmark that you have dragged.

Step 7: When you click on it, you’ll be redirected to payment page.

Step 8: Complete the payment process and you are done!

What magic autofill does is it saves your detail, and when you click on the bookmark, it automatically fills your passenger detail form and transfers you to the payment page, making tatkal ticket booking process faster. Tech blogger Amit Agarwal has written Magic Autofill Tool.

That’ it! Hope it helped you. Kindly share and let’s know your views in the comments.


  1. I found your pictorial representation very helpful, when needed just in time. Thanks a lot. But apart from that I also want to add that IRCTC has moved tatkal option from search dialog to scheduled train list (list of train when we search for query), in form of radio button. It is difficult to search for it just in time, so please update the page.
    Still, once again, thanks a lot.


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