20 Best Free Windows 8 Themes for PC

Best Free Windows 8 themes

Windows 8 is the latest, fastest and the lightest Windows version by Microsoft. Windows 8 PC offers lots of customizations by which you can change the look of your boring Windows 8 PC. You can customize most of the things on your Windows 8 PC, but customizing each one of them would consume lots of time. So, the easiest way is to apply or install a custom Windows 8 theme and let your Windows 8 PC shine.

Best Free Windows 8 themes

Now one of the frustrating problem with Windows 8 is that it does not allow you to install third-party windows 8 themes. Microsoft has restricted its latest OS to install certified Windows 8 themes only, which are either default themes provided by Microsoft or you have to buy premium Windows 8 themes.

Well, it is also true that installing themes from third-party can harm your computer as some of them are made to inject your system with virus or spy ware. So, it is advisable that always be sure about what you download on your Windows 8 PC. Be it Windows 8 themes or software.

Today in this tutorial we will see how to install custom Windows 8 themes on Windows 8 PC. Since Windows 8 PC has the restriction for installing any third-party themes, here we have a simple workaround to make it easier to install third-party  themes on your PC.

How to Install Third-party Windows 8 themes in your PC

As I said before, by default Windows 8 does not allow you to install third-party themes on your PC. So, we will use a free program called UltraUXthemePatcher to solve this issue.

Install Windows 8 Themes by using UltraUXthemePatcher

Steps to Use UltraUXthemePatcher

  • Step 1: Download it from here
  • Step 2:  Now install the downloaded file and restart your Window 8 PC

Now download any third-party themes and copy it to this directory location on your PC.  That’s it! Now you can install any theme using this method.


C: WindowsResourcesThemes

Best of Windows 8 Themes Download for Free

Just to save your time, here we have the top best Windows 8 free themes around the web. Click on theme name to download it.

You can read more about the creator of these themes in the downloading page.

1. Gnomonic Dark

Best windows 8 themes

2. Gray8 New Red

Best Windows 8 Themes

3. Gnomint VS

Best Windows 8 Themes

4. Different Touch 8

Best Windows 8 Themes

5. Snow Leopard Glass

Best Windows 8 Themes

6. Alduin

Best Windows 8 Themes

7.  AeroDesign

Best Windows 8 Themes

8. Holo Visual Style

Best Windows 8 Themes

9. Abisso

Best Windows 8 Themes

10. Simplex RC

Simplex RC gives Simple Window feel on your PC.

Best Windows 8 Themes

11.  WhiteDior

WhiteDior is classic white Windows 8 theme with simple UI.

Best Windows 8 Themes

12. Elune

Best Windows 8 Themes

13. 8look V3.1 VS

8look V3.1 VS Windows 8 theme gives dark green feel on your screen

Best Windows 8 Themes

14. Qurea

Qurea is a modern style theme for your Windows 8 PC.

Best Windows 8 Themes

15. Embedded

Embedded is simple dark Windows 8 theme with simple UI.

Best Windows 8 Themes

16. Nimbus

Best Windows 8 Themes

17. Vista 8 Modern Mix theme

Vista 8 Modern Mix theme would make your screen look Windows Vista but in modern style.

Best Windows 8 Themes

18.  Tampoyak

With Tampoyak Windows 8 Theme, you’ll feel the difference. It’s simple, it’s dark, it’ shining.

Best Windows 8 Themes

19.  Twenty Thirteen (Link not available) 

Liked the WordPress Twenty Thirteen theme? Here you have the same for your Windows 8 PC.

Best Windows 8 Themes

20.  Chameleon for 8-V1

If you like some trendy and flashy theme, then this is for you. Chameleon Windows 8 theme looks not only flashy but also has a transparent effect. This one was my favorite theme.

Best Windows 8 Themes

These are some of the best free Windows 8 Themes that you can download. Which one is your favorite? Do let us knows in the comments.


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