How to Uninstall/Remove Pre-installed Android Apps

How to-uninstall-pre-installed-android-app

Android Operating system is the leader in mobile OS market, and most of the manufacturers produce Android-only devices. One thing is it is free of cost and has almost no restriction. Another thing that made Android more popular over another mobile OSs is its vast collection of apps by OEM’s and third-party. You can find several apps for one need on Google Play store. But, removing pre-installed apps is the biggest challenge for any smartphone users.

How to-uninstall-pre-installed-android-app

Coming back to the topic, when you buy a new Android-powered smartphone from major companies like Samsung, HTC, Sony or even Indian companies including Micromax and Lava they often come with pre-installed or inbuilt or default Android Applications. Some these applications are useful, but most of them are a pure gimmick or useless. These applications do nothing but eating up your internal memory and sometimes act as resource hog creating performance issues in your Android phone.

You can disable these default apps in your Android phone setting, but what if the app can’t be disabled? We have to remove or uninstall per-installed Android apps, but again the problem is most of the pre-installed Android apps cannot be uninstalled or deleted using the default app manager. Here the only way is to use a third-party application to uninstall default apps from your Android phone.

So, today this article will guide you on how to remove pre-installed or default Android apps from your Android phone easily. Do note that we will be using third-party apps to remove pre-installed apps on your Android phone.

How to Remove pre-installed Apps from Android Phone

Here we have two Android apps to help you to remove pre-installed Android apps from Android Phone. All of these apps are free to download, and you can download them from Google Play store. Make sure you have working internet connection and enough free space to install these apps.


  • Rooted Android Smartphone.
  • Below mentioned apps that you can download using the given link.

Step 1: As I referred to in the requirement section, to remove pre-installed Android apps from your phone you need to have a rooted Android phone. If you don’t have a rooted device, then get your device rooted before you proceed. You can read more about rooting advantages and disadvantages and a root guide with a simple Google search.

Step 2: Download any of the below apps to remove pre-installed Apps from your Android phone

1.  Root App Delete ( to Remove Pre-installed Android Apps)

The first application to remove pre-installed Android apps is Root App Delete. This app works on a rooted device only and comes with features like App Remover, and Easy Uninstaller helps you to remove pre-installed Android Apps.

Just download this app on your Rooted Android phone. Open the app and select pre-installed App on Android phone that you want to remove or uninstall.

Download Root App Delete

2. App Master ( to Remove Pre-installed Android Apps)

The second app is App Master (Uninstall Master). This app also has same capabilities like Root App Delete with an easy to use interface.Just download App Master and select the app you want to uninstall. It will uninstall pre-installed Apps in your Android phone.

Download App Master

That’s it! Now you can easily uninstall any default or pre-installed app from your Android phone. Before you proceed with uninstall of any app just make sure that you don’t need that app anymore as you might not be able to install them again in future. If you are looking for a way to delete pre-installed apps without rooting, then go to App manager and see if you uninstall the app.


  1. You do NOT mention anywhere in your write up about the phone having to be rooted.????
    The only mention ofcrootingvis when the reader starts the procedure,then and only then do you have an header stating “Rooted android smartphone” above step 1 .
    Get your facts correct .


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