How to Improve Battery Life of Android Smartphones: Tips and Tricks

Improve Android Smartphone battery Life

Android is a feature rich mobile OS, and most of the Android smartphones come with full power hardware so that the user can fully utilize the features and functionality of Android. Android is leading in the global smartphone market with 64% of world smartphone market share. Now, if there is something that Android smartphones don’t have then that will be a better battery life. Battery life of almost every Android smartphone is not that good, what the OEM’s claims it to be. In simple terms, An Android Smartphone with heavy usage won’t even last for a day.

Improve Android Smartphone battery Life

There are some factors that affect the battery Life of any Android smartphone. It may be because our phone have becomes more powerful, larger, brighter and thinner, but there are other factors that drain your smartphone’s battery life with no benefit. Now if you can take care of those unknown factors, then you can get at least few hours of extra battery backup on Android smartphone. Scroll down to know, what those unknown battery killers are and how to get rid of them.

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How to Improve Battery Life of Android Smartphone

Find the Power sucker:

Go to Setting > About Phone > Battery Use

This brings you the list of apps or feature that consumes more power in descending order. See if there is any additional app that you don’t use frequently is consuming more power than either disable it or uninstall it.

Adjust Display Brightness:

Your Android smartphone brightness consumes more power if you have set it to the maximum possible brightness. Now reducing the display brightness can significantly improve your battery life. You can also set up the automatic brightness on your phone to adjust the brightness according to your requirement.

Remove Unnecessary Home Screen Widgets:

Android is popular for its customization like you can have live Wallpapers on background, Home screen widgets, etc. Home screen widgets give you one-touch access to your favorite app or website, but they do consume power while looking idle.  So, deleting some the unnecessary widget from your home screen can give few more minutes of battery backup.

Turn Off Wi-Fi:

Turning off Wi-Fi on your Android smartphone will result in less battery consumption. It is recommended that you turn off Wi-Fi on your smartphone when not in use.

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Turn of Bluetooth:

Bluetooth is another unnecessary feature on our smartphone that we usually forget to turn off. Disable Bluetooth when not in use, why would you want to get detected on others device for no reason?

Turn of 4G/3G Mode:

3G and 4G networks have their own advantage that is providing super fast data connectivity on the go. But this super fast data connectivity comes at the cost of more power consumption. Faster network modes like 4G and 3G consumes more power. So switch between GSM and 3G or 4G mode according to your requirement.

Update your Apps

App developers regularly release updates for their apps, and most of the time the new updates comes with better battery optimization and bug fixes. So, check for Latest Android apps update frequently.

Update your Android Smartphone

Last but not the least tips on our list updating your Android smartphone. Whenever your OEM releases a new update for your device, grab it. Firmware updates usually come with battery optimization, performance improvements, and bug fixes.

Conclusion: By following the above tips you can improve your Android smartphone battery life. Do you have some other tips? Do let us know in the comments.


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