How to Disable Seen in Facebook Chat

Disable seen in Facebook Chat, Hide seen in Facebook Chat

Do you want to know how to disable Seen in Facebook Chat? Follow this guide to know how you can quickly disable it.

In a recent update to Facebook chat, Facebook updated its chat service with a new feature, which shows seen in the chat box. Suppose you send a message, and the receiver reads your message, and then in chat box it displays “seen” along with the time.

Disable seen in Facebook Chat, Hide seen in Facebook Chat

The new Seen feature in Facebook Chat is a handy feature; it let us know whether our friends have read our message or not. However, sometimes you may want to disable seen in Facebook chat for whatever reason may be. You may don’t want your friends to know that you have read the messages.

You may have been in some other work and cannot reply to the message. You’re chatting with someone else and don’t have time to respond to other messages and don’t want them to feel bad sorry about not replying back. There could be several reasons why you want to disable seen in Facebook chat.  If you want to turn off seen on Facebook chat, you can do it with the help of few plugins for Chrome and Firefox.

How to Disable Seen in Facebook Chat

1.  Install Facebook Unseen Extension on Google Chrome:

Facebook Unseen is a little extension for Google Chrome that blocks Facebook’s read (seen) receipts from being sent to the server. Once this add-on is installed, there’s nothing much you need to do. Facebook Unseen is a small add-on that doesn’t take up much room, as it only has to block a single line of code to disable read receipts from Facebook.

Get Facebook Unseen from Chrome Store

Click on + Free and then click on Add.

Once the Extension gets installed, you are done!

Restart chrome and use Facebook.

2. Install Chat Undetected Add-on Firefox

If you use Firefox then, use Facebook Undetected to disable Seen in Facebook Chat. Facebook Undetected lets you disable Facebook Messenger’s (seen) read receipt feature, preventing others from seeing if you have viewed a message or not.

With Facebook Messenger’s read receipt feature, anytime you chat with someone on Facebook you can see if they’ve read your message and vice-versa.

  • Click on Get Facebook Undetected.
  • Click on Add and wait till the download completes
  • Now click on Install and Restart Firefox.

That’s it! There are many occasions where you won’t want someone to know if you’ve read their message or not. Facebook Undetected and Facebook Unseen Extensions let you disable this feature so that you go undetected. If you are on any other browser like Microsoft edge in Windows 10, then you may need to wait until it supports the extension. You can still find similar extensions for Opera browser. If you have any problem with these extensions, do let us know.

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