How to Create Portable Apps in Windows Online and Offline

How to Create Portable Apps in Windows

In these days of technology creating portable apps are as easy as using them on Windows PC. Every day we come across different software’s which can enhance our work experience. But before using any software, you must install them on your Windows PC or other machines. However, it is also true that installing more software’s makes your system slow. Read more about how to make your Windows PC Run faster.


In another case, what if you are not allowed to install and use any third-party software at your workplace? A solution for this is using portable Apps or software on Windows PC.

What is a Portable App? A portable application (portable app) is a software product designed to be easily moved from one computing device to another. The portable apps are the portable versions of the regular applications – such as browsers, etc. The portable apps are usually stored on USB drives but can be stored on any other compatible flash drive. A portable app does not need to be installed on your PC, unlike traditional software, because files and data are self-contained, portable apps run independently of the host operating system (OS). 

Many Apps comes with separate portable versions for user convenience, but what if the app you use doesn’t have a portable version?No worries,  as you can make or create your version of portable apps on Windows anytime, anywhere.

Now if you want to create a portable version of your favorite app, here is how to create portable apps and software on Windows PC. We will be using a Windows PC application called Cameyo to create portable apps.  There are two ways to create portable apps using Cameyo Online and Offline. I have listed both methods with step by step guide.

How to Create Portable Apps in Windows XP/ Windows 7 / Windows 8

Method 1: Create Portable Apps Online (Recommended)

One of the best things about Cameyo is its Online Packager Tool. Cameyo Online Packager allows you to create your portable Apps online by uploading your app to their server.

But before you try to create a portable app, first check Cameyo online library. Cameyo Online Library already has 100’s of portable apps created by other users.  You can Check out the  Cameyo Online Library here. If you didn’t find the required app in the library, then create your portable app.

Follow Below steps to create portable apps online:

Step 1: Go to Cameyo’s website and create an account.

Step 2: Click on “Online Packager” to open Virtual App Builder

Step 3:  Now Add your software to Cameyo online virtual packager. There are two options.

  • 1) Installer’s Web location: If you select this, then specify the web link of the app, that you want to make portable.
  • 2) Installer upload: Here you have to select the Installer of your app from your computer hard drive (Recommended).
Note: Make sure the installer does not require network access, and has a silent installation mode enabled.

Step 4: After specifying the path click on Submit.

Step 5: Now Cameyo will start working on your app.

Step 6: After completion, you can download your Portable app from Cameyo.

That it! This is how you make portable app online using Cameyo.

Method 2: Create Portable Apps on your Computer

The second method requires you to create your portable app manually. If you are a beginner, then stick with the first method as the second method need a bit of system knowledge.  

Follow Below steps to create portable apps on Computer:

Note: Before you proceed, Check Cameyo App Library to find your app. (Link in first method)
Note:  Close all unnecessary apps running on your system

Step 1: Download and Install Cameyo Application.

Step 2: Now Open up Cameyo and click on Studio button.

Step 3: Click on Capture App Locally. Now Cameyo will start to take Snap Shot of your computer.

Step 4: After completing the process, Install, the software you want to make portable and click on installation done.

Step 6: When you click Installation done, Cameyo will again start to take second Snap Shot of your Computer and will create a portable version of the app you have installed for taking the second snapshot. If, everything was right then you have successfully created the portable version of your app.

How Cameyo Creates Portable App? When you click on Studio button, Cameyo takes a full snapshot of your computer.  After that when you install new software (the app you want to make portable), Cameyo Takes another Snap Shot of your computer to compare, which app has been installed after the first snapshot. After comparing, Cameyo creates the portable version of the app that has been installed after the first Snap Shot. 

So, this was about how to create Portable Apps in Windows 7/8/XP  by using Cameyo. Do share your views about the app in the comments below.


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