How to Change Windows 7 Boot Screen Animation or Logo

Change boot screen animation on Windows 7

Are you tired of watching the same boring Windows 7 boot screen animation on your Windows 7 Laptop or PC? Do you want to change your Windows 7 Boot screen animation? If yes, then this tutorial will guide you to change Windows 7 Boot screen animation on your Windows 7 PC and Laptop. Change Windows 7 Boot Screen Animation In this tutorial, we will be using Windows 7 Boot Updater to change  Windows 7 boot screen animation. Windows 7 Boot Updater works on almost all version of Windows 7 OS.

How Windows 7 Boot Updater Works? This application modifies the BOOTMGR (system file) and changes the Boot screen animation to your preferred animation. 

Note: This application is still in the beta stage. Proceed at your risk.

Follow below steps to change your Windows 7 PC boot screen.

Step 1: DownloadWindows 7 Boot Updater

Step 2: Unzip or Extract the downloaded file

Step 3:  Now Run the Application and click on File

Step 4: Under File > click Load boot skin

Step 5: Now select the animation you want to set as Boot screen (We have collected some boot screen animation for Windows 7) find the download link below.

Step 6: Test your Boot screen by clicking Play, if it’s working then click Apply to change your boot screen.

Step 7: Restart your Windows 7 Machine, to view the changes.

Download Windows 7 Boot Screen Animation

Below I have listed some of the best Windows 7 Boot Screen Animations. Click on the given link and download the animation. You can preview the animation before downloading it. Click the  Download link below.  

  • 1. Android Particle Boot Screen    Download
  • 2. Particle boot screen                          Download
  • 3. 7 Apocalypse boot screen             Download
  • 4. Boot screen – Encircled                   Download
  • 5. Need for Speed Run animation Download 

Find More Boot screen in the Gallery Here

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